Bremen MultiFunctional Library Website

Bremen-MultiFunctional-Library-Website shown on laptop and mobile devices.

As a hub of the community, Bremen Public Library needed an easy-to-use and accessible website. The library leadership requested a fully functional website for visitors, that would be easy for them to keep up-to-date. Below are some of the features of the new Bremen Library WordPress website.

Advanced Search

This is possibly the most important detail for any library website. After all, library visitors are likely to be searching for something. This could a book, DVD, or audiobook. With the advanced search feature, users can now check if the item they wish to borrow is available or not. Registered library users can also reserve items online and pick them up later, making it even more convenient. Additionally, when using the search bar, results will pop up in a new tab, so users don’t lose their place on the website. Search results show if the item is on loan, available, or on hold. If available, results also show how many copies are available. This simple and effective search feature is key for any modern library.


As a key part of the community, Bremen Library hosts a variety of events for all ages. These events are simple to find either using the search bar and selecting events, or by clicking through to the events calendar using the “View all events” button. Users can easily see all the events for the month, future months, and past months. Hovering over the event name gives even more detail. Additionally, while on the calendar page, users can search using keywords, like ‘toddler’ or ‘craft’ to find appropriate events. For events that require registration, simply click through and fill in the required information.

ADA Compliance

To ensure the Bremen Library website is ADA compliant, we installed AccessiBe. This WordPress plugin makes it easy for website owners to meet and upkeep ADA and WCAG compliance. In the back end, AccessiBe runs daily compliance checks to ensure any new information added to the website will also be compliant. On the front end, users can adjust the website options as needed by clicking the blue button in the bottom left corner. Users can increase the text size or enable text to speech on their current device. These settings are then saved for future use on that device.

Genealogy Access

One of the key features of the new Bremen Library website is the specialized Genealogy section. This is easily accessed within the research menu tab. Here users have access to everything needed to research genealogy, from birth certificates to newspaper editions and marriage certificates.

Bi-Lingual Access

That’s right, the entire Bremen Library website is available in both Spanish and English. Users simply choose their preferred language from the dropdown in the top left corner. Your device, or browser then remembers this selection for your next visit!

Above are the key features of the new Bremen Public Library website. As the new site is built using WordPress it is easy to use and update. Thus allowing the admins to add video, images, events, and new catalog items with ease. They can even tag and categorize them to keep the catalog and search functions updated.

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