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Web-based Online Training Tool

Web-based Online Training Tool by Digital Hill

During the past 2 years, learning and training was forced to switch to online for […]
Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins Your Business Website Must Have

Is your site on WordPress platform? Here are some of the best WordPress plugins your business website, blog or eCommerce store should have.
Benefits of Using Trendy Apps to Organize Your Business Tasks

Benefits of Using Trendy Apps to Organize Your Business Tasks

Organizing your business tasks is no easy job. Therefore, most people juggle between their business […]
Traits of Innovative Business Leaders

8 Traits of Innovative Business Leaders That Feed Their Success

Becoming a leader is no child’s play. It’s as tough a job as fancy and […]

New Website for Wastewater Industry Professionals AK Industries, Inc.

Stand out from the competition. The new website for wastewater industry showcases their products, quality and service in digital format.
Technical Services website on laptop and mobile phone.

New Technical Services Website Designed and Launched

Technical Services website is our recent professional, custom website project. See how we designed it to help them achieve business goals.
YouTube's Super Thanks new feature.

Super Thanks is Changing Monetization on Youtube

Super Thanks, a new YouTube feature, allows fans to donate to their favorite creators directly on the YouTube platform. Here's what to know.
Four Ways to Boost Your Marketing Capacity on the Cheap

Four Ways to Boost Your Marketing Capacity on the Cheap

If you’re a marketing professional looking to expand your horizons, offering your services to more […]
Marketing automation represented on a tablet.

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Increase Leads

Marketing automation benefits your business when used correctly. Try these 5 techniques to leverage automation to increase leads.
Top Marketing Strategies You Need to Understand

6 Top Marketing Strategies You Need to Understand

Since businesses started incorporating advanced technology and digitalization in their operations, the industrial rivalry has […]
Color graphic showing a browser push notifications.

The Best Browser Push Notifications Plugins and How They Help Your Website

Browser push notifications plugins for your WordPress website. Connect with your visitors even after they leave. Here are 4 great options.

New Nappanee Public Library Website

Time for a redesign of your website? We just relaunched the Nappanee Public Library website so they can better serve their digital community.
5 Long-Term Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies

5 Long-Term Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies

The recent COVID-19 pandemic claimed thousands of lives across the globe and crippled the world […]
Colorful graphic of payment gateway for ecommerce.

Best Payment Gateway Options for Your eCommerce Website

Educate yourself on the best payment gateway choice for eCommerce websites. We review 5 popular options to help you make the right decision.
Email marketing on laptop computer.

How to Increase Traffic Using Your Email List

Email is an inexpensive and effective way to reach customers. Implement these tips for increasing traffic using your email list. Start today.