Cloud Communications New Powerful Website

Technology and business offerings can change rapidly in the digital era. This means your business website must always be relevant, reliable, and fast to appeal to your audience. As Altigen offers cloud communication solutions for businesses, their website needs to be fast-loading and reliable. Additionally, the new Altigen website offers a clean, simple layout that loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Below are some more insights into key features of the Altigen cloud communications website. 

Slider Menu

As web visitors scroll the home page, a dynamic slider menu appears showcasing six key offerings from Altigen. This unique feature is both eye-catching and informative. Each panel contains a brief description of the offering and a call-to-action button. To ensure each panel is easy to read the background is the Altigen blue with bright white text, which also helps bring cohesion to the entire webpage. Sliders also help to add an interactive element to your website, creating interest and helping you to stand out from the crowd.

Simple Layout 

Having a clean and simple layout and color scheme can help your business stand out and load faster. The predominantly blue and white color scheme helps to quickly draw the eye of web visitors while subtly pushing the Altigen branding. The colors are consistent throughout the entire website and simple dropdown menus are available on each page for easier navigation. An extra benefit of the simple layout and cohesive coloring throughout is the brand recognition it provides.


The Altigen website offers a comprehensive blog, with new articles being published frequently. Not only does this feature help educate visitors and clients about the products, but, it helps improve the search engine ranking page (SERP). This is due to the additional SEO benefits blog posts provide for websites. Each blog post features SEO snippets, keywords, and meta descriptions to boost the SERP on the Altigen website. Each blog published helps to improve the presence of Altigen online, while the content itself offers significant benefits to clients and visitors.

Contact Details

As cloud communication solutions are often customizable to a business’s needs, having contact details easily accessible is key. There is both a dedicated contact page for visitors to use and a section in the bottom bar listing all of the required details. The information in the bottom toolbar includes an address, email, phone number, and fax number. As this is visible on every page, visitors can simply scroll down and click to call, or email with ease. On the contact page, website visitors also have the option to send a form detailing their questions about the products. This form clearly marks the required details such as name, company, email address, and phone number as well as a section to mark which product visitors are interested in. This is then immediately sent to the Altigen sales team so they can set up an information package and contact the potential client. 

The new Altigen website is clean, fast-loading, and features some unique details to help them stand out from the competition. The details above all help to create a cohesive and professional online presence for a modern business. 

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