Continued Branding Over Multiple Websites

These days, a business must have an impressive website to introduce new customers and showcase its products. For businesses with multiple offers or off-shoots, these websites must also be cohesive as an overarching brand. After all, a website is the first place many people look when they first find your brand. Let’s explore branding multiple websites.

This is why RM Media needed all five of their new websites to work and fit together seamlessly. Digital Hill worked to create new integrated websites for RM Media, RM Media Store, Florida Insider Fishing Report, Sportsman Adventures, and Texas Insider Fishing Report. Each website is optimized for speed, customer experience, and functionality. The following features also help these websites rank higher in search engine rankings to generate traffic.

Cohesive Aesthetics

Branding multiple websites ensures the brand aesthetic is cohesive across all five websites, which was a main priority for RM Media and Digital Hill. This ensures that any visitors can recognize that the websites are under the same business umbrella. Association between websites can be very effective and often occurs at the subconscious level. Below are the brand features that create cohesion.


Each website features the same blue, white, and yellow color scheme. The blue begins at the top of the page and fades to white as the user scrolls. Buttons and call-to-action (CTA) items are also in the same recognizable blue. Yellow is also utilized through the websites to draw attention to specific CTAs or to signify the user is about to click on a menu item. 


The RM Media off-shoot logos for Florida Insider Fishing Report, Texas Insider Fishing Report and, Sportsman Adventures all feature blue, yellow, and white as mentioned above, while the main logo is a simple white. These logos all work well together and utilize the same fonts and art style. To ensure these stand out on the website, the logo prominently appears in the top left-hand corner of each.


The layout of each website is similar with a main navigation bar, bottom toolbar, and accessibility options. On each of the off-shoot websites, the layout also features the latest videos, calendar, and social feeds as users scroll the home page. The bottom toolbar includes links to each of the other RM Media websites.

Search Engine Optimization

Each of the RM Media websites has dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) for local and national attention using Yoast SEO. This ensures that those local to each fishing show can quickly find the relevant location when searching “local fishing show”. Further optimization on each website utilizes keywords for the fishing industry, so the RM Media websites are among the top results nationally. 

Optimizing your business website and ensuring that each off-shoot has a dedicated web presence can increase engagement and traffic for your business. Contact Digital Hill today to discuss your needs and create a cohesive online presence.