Create Blog and Social Images with these Online Tools


Images and photos are so very important in online marketing and social media!!

The eye is attracted to images more so than text, and one scientific study has documented that people are able to recall 80% of what they see and only 30% of what they read.

On Facebook, for example, not only do photo posts get more engagement than links, videos or text-based updates, they actually account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook.

Since engagement is important in Facebook for businesses as it is the method by which affinity is measured that ensures fans see more of a company’s future posts, the importance of creating and editing images to grow engagement and communicate messages visually is critical to success online.

As a result of the need for businesses to communicate well visually online, a key is being able to edit and create custom images!

Are you in the category that doesn’t have a dedicated designer
and doesn’t have PhotoShop skills?  Then this is for you!

3 Online Tools for Quality Image Editing


Pixlr  is a quality online tool with actually a number of different options for different needs.

When you arrive on you have 3 options, Pixlr Editor, which is the advanced editor most similar to Photoshop.  If you want to create images from scratch or do advanced editing on images, this can be a great tool.  No cost and lots of functionality.

Pixlr Express is a second option and it is great if you want do some quick editing to images.   You can upload an image or take a photo and then start editing.  Pixlr also offers a basic editor, Pixlr O-matic, with ability to change image colors or tones, similar to the Instagram mobile app.



If you want a simple to use and basic photo editing tool, Picmonkey, can be a good choice.

Simply go to the website, upload the image to edit and make changes.  It is quite simple to crop, adjust color, add text, or apply features such as a border.  One of the key ways to use images in social media is to add a simple text caption to an image and Picmonkey makes this easy.



Canva is a new online tool that is still in beta but offers great features for the non-designer.

The key to Canva is that it offers great templates for free and even professional images for $1 that you can then customize , download, and use.  It has a simple interface and great features to add and edit images.


These three online tools give the business professional who is a not a design pro the ability to quickly and easily edit images.  While a professional designer is still important for your larger and overall brand design, these online tools can help a marketer quickly and easily create the type of visual images that communicate and work well with blog posts, infographics and social media.

How about you?  What do you use to edit images and what other tools do you recommend?

BONUS! Image Enhancement Tool

A new-to-me tool is Upscale from  It has great features and you can enhance your images 2x,4x, and 8x without losing quality. It also has an option where you can upscale and resize images for all social media platforms.

Here is the link:  Think about it.  Have you ever gotten an image that was too small and would pixilate for what you needed?  No more!  Try this free tool.