Digital Hill Launches FREE Version of TabSite for Fan Pages

Extend your Brand on Facebook!
Digital Hill Launches Free Version of TabSite for Facebook Fan Pages

With Facebook becoming increasingly a “must be” location for businesses and organizations due to the volume of people on Facebook and the amount of time people are spending on Facebook, it is crucial to consider your Facebook presence as another location to be represented on the web, and a way to grow connections and interact with your clients and potential clients.

Digital Hill launched TabSite, a Facebook App for Fan Pages, in March and now has over 10,000 users customizing their Fan page with this simple to use tool.

What is a TabSite?

TabSite was developed as an easy way to create a website underneath a Facebook Tab called “TabSite”. This is a much easier solution to manage your content. There is no need for Static FBML when you use our easy TabSite editor.

  • You can create multiple pages
  • Easily integrate images/link images to urls
  • Embed YouTube & Flash Videos
  • Link to files such as .pdf’s, .docx, or .xls
  • Add your Blog RSS feed
  • Add your Twitter Feed
  • Load Coupon images and link to your website and more!

Who can use the TabSite Application?

TabSite is a great application for small businesses, politicians, individuals, and organizations to easily add business information to their Facebook Fan Page.


We are pleased to announce a new Free Version of TabSite for Fan Page users! This new free version allows anyone with a Facebook Fan Page to easily customize their page using the simple-to-use TabSite Content Editor.



This move allows any business or organization to easily customize their Fan Page and give viewers a much more branded and content rich experience. Page Admins do not need to know how to code and can avoid trying to program a tab using Static FBML. Simply use the Content Editor to add content and images to your Page!

Get all the “bells and whistles” including video embed, Facebook “Like” button integration and more with the Paid versions which start at $5/month. Check it out here: