Facebook Announces 400 Million Users!!

By Mike Gingerich
Internet Marketing Consultant
Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.


Another milestone for Facebook on their 6th Anniversary!

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his blog last evening:facebook_button.gif

 So to celebrate six years of Facebook and the 400 million people on the service, we’re doing what we like doing most—building and launching products for people. Tonight we’ll host a celebration at Facebook headquarters, and we’ll release a handful of new things that will improve people’s Facebook experience, including a couple that people have requested a lot. We’ll post more details to our blog in a few hours.

stats1.gifWhen you look back and realize that Facebook had just over 150 million active users at this time last year, you can appreciate that they have had flat out phenomenal growth!  It seems to point out that Facebook has crossed the threshold into mainstream use.  It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook was far behind MySpace in the Social Media world and my how the times have changed!

Stay tuned for Facebook’s new homepage rollout happening incrementally as I type!

Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.