Four Tips To Make Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Ad Stand Out

By Chad H. Pollitt
Internet Marketing Manager
Internet Marketing Expert
Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.

Chad Pollitt

Fort Wayne PPCPay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way to put a website on the first page of a search engine.  PPC is also considered the second cheapest cost per lead of any form of marketing online or offline.  After a keyword workshop you will know how many people are typing in relevant keyword terms into the search engines.  If 10,000 people per month are searching a particular phrase, than 20% or 2,000 people will click on one of the PPC ads.  PPC placement on the sponsored links section is paramount in maximizing the effectiveness of the campaign’s click through rates.

There are many factors that determine PPC placement in the sponsored links section.  Some major PPC placement factors include the keywords in the add, bid price, competitors bid price and ad quality score.  After search engine placement in the PPC sponsored links section is determined, click through rate should be considered.  What’s the best technique for maximizing click through rates?  Testing.

Every keyword phrase chosen for a campaign should have a minimum of three ads.  Every month (depending on the amount of traffic generated) keep the highest performing ad and dump the other lower performing ones.  Then rewrite the other two to more closely resemble the highest performing ad.  This way, you will constantly be optimizing the PPC campaign.

Other PPC Tips:


  1. Include a phone number in ad.  It will rarely be called, but studies show it makes the ad stand out.  Also, if you’re geotargeting the campaign, a local area code increases click-throughs.
  2. Utilize the keyword phrase paid for in the ad several times.  Google will bold that keyword in the ad and make it stand out more.
  3. Where prudent, utilize characters like $, %, &, #, @, ! and numbers.  This will also make the ad stand out.
  4. If possible, incorporate Google Checkout in the Landing Page.  Before the click through the ad will have a Google Checkout logo and stand out more than the other ads.