How to Boost Your Online Conversion Revenue

How to Boost Your Online Conversion Revenue

As the majority of the world’s commerce moves onto the world wide web, it’s becoming an increasingly competitive marketplace, one where every store needs to make an impact – fast. Without making a long-lasting impact on store visitors, your eCommerce site stands to lose out, and that can mean the difference between thriving and surviving or closing the virtual doors entirely. How can you boost your online conversion, however? 

What is Online Conversion Revenue? 

Your online conversion revenue is the revenue generated by leads converting to customers on your site. Often referred to as an online conversion rate, this carefully calculated number takes into account one or more of the desired steps you want a customer to make on your site. It could be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, creating an account, downloading an asset (such as an eBook), and more. 

For help with calculating the online conversion revenue in your business, the team at provides the ideal solution to addressing your conversion revenue rates: their conversion revenue calculator. This digital device uses crucial data from Google Analytics to assess conversion rates, average order rates, and bounce rates to improve customer experience on your site. 

How to Boost Your Online Conversion Revenue 

Understanding what a conversion revenue means is one thing; it’s another thing entirely to take steps to improve it. It’s estimated that a percentage of 1-2% is an average result for conversion rates. If you want to increase the chances of hitter a higher percentage, 2% and upwards, the following three steps are essential: 


  • Create Individual Landing Pages for PPC Ads 


PPC ads are a popular tool with digital marketers. It’s an internet model of advertising, where an advertiser pays a website whenever an ad is clicked on. It’s especially prevalent on search engines, such as Google. While it’s a great tool to utilize, one common mistake many eCommerce owners make is directing the click to the homepage. Not only does this distract the potential consumer from the purchase, but it also reduces the trust they had in your brand: you didn’t deliver what your advert promised. It’s for this reason why creating individual landing pages for every PPC is crucial. By doing so, you ensure that customers are taken directly to the product or service, enabling them to minimize their customer journey and make a purchase quickly.    


  • Incorporate Strong CTAs in Your Content 


You can have the best content in the world, but if it doesn’t direct customers to the desired action, it won’t boost your conversion rate. Call to actions are a smart tool to use, and you can use them either subtly or explicitly. Explicitly is worthwhile for content relating to a product – buy it now, for example. However, subtle call to actions have their place in blog content, where you can direct a consumer towards a product gently – view it here, for example. 


  • Offer Various Payment Methods 


Once, there were one or two ways to pay for a purchase online. Now, there are multiple, and your eCommerce enterprise must keep up with the trends. Without the latest payment methods, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and even Apple Pay for those who browse on their iPhones or iPads, you risk losing a potential sale, decreasing your conversion rate further. By offering a variety of payment methods, you open the virtual doors for even more customers.