How to Create an Effective Workplace

How to Create an Effective Workplace

The most successful companies, such as Google and Facebook, have a unique effective workplace designed to create a conducive working environment for all employees. According to a recent survey by Robert Half, 71% of employees confirmed that listening to music as they go about their daily chores at the office encourages them to work harder and smarter.

Another report by CareerBuilder revealed that 53% of polled employees felt they were less productive when the office or workplace is cold.

These two statistics prove that you need to create an effective workplace if you want to elevate your brand to the next level of success. Here are surefire tips on how to make your workplace more ideal for your employees.

Nurture a Culture of Productivity

The office is not just the physical place where employees walk in every morning and leave in the evening. How you do various tasks is part of the office and the culture is part of your business.

To nurture a productivity culture, you need to set goals to guide you in the right direction. These goals will help you know the purpose of every activity you embark on, such as marketing and networking. Then, convey these objectives to all the team members so that everyone is on the same page.

Goals can help significantly in creating an effective workplace. Apart from team goals, each employee should have individual goals or milestones. These goals will motivate them to keep on. Additionally they help them feel that they are genuinely contributing to the company’s overall growth.

Encourage collaboration by embracing advanced project management tools such as Asana. Another sure way of fostering cooperating is by regularly holding brainstorming meetings, and granting all members of particular department access to the documents stored in the cloud.

Consider Redesigning the Office

The chances are you have not changed your workplace’s design in the last one year, correct? The general appearance and the condition of your office directly impact your employees’ productivity.

Now is time to give your workplace a new touch of class and elegance by redesigning it. Or, give the offices a renovation or face lift. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Change the windows and other openings to allow as much natural light as possible. A report by National Renewable Energy Laboratory revealed that employees working in a space illuminated by natural light were able to concentrate on tasks 15% more than those working in offices illuminated by artificial lighting.
  • Decorate the spaces using plants to create a natural feel. You can also give the employees a chance to personalize their areas by allowing them to select the art and decor items
  • Improve indoor air quality by investing in an advanced air freshener.
  • Prevent eye strain and carpal tunnel by implementing an ergonomic workplace design
  • Invest in an affordable coffee maker to allow employees to make coffee during breaks. The best has a compact design, power-efficient, and is easy to use. The staff can help you select the right one. However, if you are unsure which specifications to look for, take a minute to check out this cheap coffee maker buying guide.

Come up With Ways of Keeping the Office Clean and Organized

One key to an effective workplace is organization. A little clutter is OK, it’s a sign that the team members are working to achieve the set goals. However, this does not mean that the office should look dirty and disorganized. Keeping it clean will give you peace of mind while promoting the health and wellness of everyone. It will also save you time you may have spent looking for a file or anything else.

Identify the Distractions and Eliminate or Reduce Them

No office lacks distractions from co-workers who cannot stop talking loudly across the desks to ringtones and message beeps. Carefully list down all the distractions and come up with ways of reducing them without negatively affecting the employees’ moods.

Once you have a list of all the distractions, go ahead and develop solutions that best solve them. Invite a few team members, such as department managers, to help you come up with ways of reducing the distractions. Then, communicate the resolutions to other team members and explain why you had to implement them.

Micromanaging is a Big NO

Yes, you might be the leader or owner of the company but getting worked up by everything that goes on in the office will paint a negative image of you to your team members. Concisely, walking around looking at what they are doing on their computers and breathing down their necks with instructions will reduce their productivity.

Micro-managing will make the workplace unfriendly. You should relax a little bit and allow the employees to perform their tasks the best way they know and like. Besides, you hired them because they have the skills and expertise needed to get the job done. Once you assign a task to someone, be confident that it will be completed successfully and within the agreed time frame.

Provide the Right Tools and Resources

An effective workplace needs to have the tools and resources that the employees need to work. Invest in them and regularly check the internet for new models or new equipment that can improve their efficiency and productivity more.

Focus on Health

Your employees’ health is of paramount importance in your quest to become the leader in your niche. Organize team-building physical activities regularly, encourage the staff to exercise, and do anything else you can to enhance their health and wellness. You can even set aside a section of the office as a gym where they can exercise before heading home.


These seven tips will significantly improve the productivity of your employees by making the office conducive for working. However, remember that apart from all the mentioned above, a friendly atmosphere is the best way to boost the whole office’s energy and creative thinking. Stay positive, avoid confrontations, and any goal will be a piece of cake for you.