How to Improve Organic Web Traffic in 2024

Having a business website in the current digital era is necessary. However, your website won’t help your business if it doesn’t get traffic. Organic web traffic, which comprises of website visitors with a genuine interest in your web content and offerings, has unparalleled value in improving visibility, engagement, and conversions. Unfortunately, Google algorithms keep evolving, making it difficult to identify effective strategies.

Recent Google algorithm updates strongly emphasize user experience, engagement, and relevance. Therefore, your strategies to improve organic traffic in 2024 should revolve around these parameters. Below are some of the most effective strategies for improving organic web traffic.

1. Optimize Web Pages for Humans

The biggest mistake made by most website owners is only optimizing their websites for search engines. While initial Google algorithms favored search engine-optimized websites, recent updates don’t. You shouldn’t just focus your efforts on appeasing search engines, even if they hold the key to search results rankings. Search engines also rely on users to determine page rankings.

Google and other search engines use dwell time, pages visited, SEO, and other metrics to determine how visitors enjoy your website. If a new user spends more time on your website or checks multiple pages, they probably found something relevant or interesting. This will contribute to improving your site rankings. However, web pages with high bounce rates rank lower in search engine results, leading to less organic traffic.

Therefore, you should focus on creating human-friendly content. Use style and language that appeals to your target audience to keep them on your page. Creating user-centric content improves your site’s SEO, rankings, and ultimately organic traffic.

2. Optimize Content for Featured Snippet

Optimizing your site content to appear in featured snippets also significantly boosts site traffic. A featured snippet is essentially a box that usually appears on top of search engine results and directly answers their search query. Recent statistics show that top organic search results, which include these snippets, get 34% of clicks.

Similarly, click-through rates of the top search engine results drop by 8% if there is a featured snippet. That said, the main challenge is winning the featured snippet position in Google search results. You can increase your chances of ranking as the featured snippet by:

  • Using numbers or bullets to answer search queries directly. To do this, find appropriate places to use bullets or numbers in your page content.
  • Include a short and direct answer. Providing a precise answer to a user query optimizes your page for featured snippets.

Don’t forget to integrate your keywords accordingly.

3. Create Visual Content

Website visitors and readers currently prefer visual content to text. Including visual content on your website helps direct more traffic, especially from image searches. The attention span of site visitors keeps reducing, but they can remember information presented visually longer. 

Fortunately, you can’t run out of options for creating visual content. Easy ways include featuring pictures, infographics, and videos in your blog posts to make the content more engaging. Using visuals makes it easy to convey your message, improves engagement, and keeps visitors on the page longer. This strengthens your overall rank and boosts site traffic.

4. Repurpose your Content

Coming up with new topic ideas that drive traffic can prove challenging, especially if you are in a restricted niche. However, you can still increase traffic by repurposing your old content. As the name suggests, this involves using existing content to create post variations for other platforms. Adding URLs of existing content on the repurposed post drives organic traffic from the new platform to your site.

The Bottom Line

Increasing traffic allows you to reach more people and improves brand awareness, leads, and conversions. It also improves your search engine rankings. Fortunately, improving organic web traffic shouldn’t be a challenge. Use the tips above and consult content creation and web design experts if you find this challenging.