How to Improve your SEO


Thanks to the advances in technology, many businesses are currently operated online courtesy of the Internet. All you need is an excellent website and you can generate leads and business. However, various factors enable your business’ site to become successful. As well as bring in good returns. Specifically, improve your SEO.

As a business manager, it is essential to learn how to attract traffic to your site. How do you go about this? The answer lies in improving your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read on for insights on how to advance your SEO and SEO importance. Plus, learn what available tools within WordPress and other platforms are ideal for optimizing your website’s SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your website optimize unpaid or organic traffic from various search engine result pages. In order to understand this better, simply search any keyword or phrase on your preferred search engine – numerous results will appear where you then get to choose what you want. But these results did not make it to the first page by chance; the sites’ owners used SEO to get that top ranking.

Why is SEO Important?

Quality Traffic

SEO is inbound marketing aimed at people actively searching for a solution to a search query. Traditional methods such as interruptive ads or emails are directed “at” an audience while SEO allows them to find you because they have a need.

No Payments for Ads

The Google organic ranking system relies on its algorithm to give the best answer for any query. As long as the search engine deems your page worthy, and it has a long list of criteria to rank it by,  it will keep directing traffic to your website.
More Clicks Compared to PPC
Though 71.33% of the searches are clicks from organic pages and appear on the first page according to one study, SEO garners more clicks. The only explanation for this is that Google’s algorithm is trusted by the majority of users over the paid ads area.

Boosts PR

Both PR and SEO are marketing strategies that work perfectly together when used through link building.

In front of the Competition

SEO is a renowned marketing strategy worldwide, and its results are impressive. Research shows that 61% of marketers prioritize improving their SEO and online presence and that those who do see a significant increase in leads that can be converted to sales.

On understanding the concept and importance of SEO as discussed above, you might wonder how you can boost your site’s SEO, right? No need to fret because here are some ideal ways to emerge successful.

Ideas to Improve your SEO

Publishing of Relevant Content

Quality, resource-rich content has no substitute; you should write valuable content for your users. Here are tips on writing quality content:

  • Fine-tune your skills for web writing
  • Use relevant keyword phrases
  • Use italics, bold, and headings such as H1, H2, etc. while emphasizing keywords
  • Pages and posts should aim to have 600 to 1200 words
  • It is also important to regularly update the content on your site to keep the relevancy high for search engines to find your site and recommend your content.


Metadata, particularly the meta description, consists of information about your page’s content. It is usually inserted in the <head> tags space as you design your website. For WordPress and CMS sites, some of the information is pre-populated for you, and others you need to use plugins to have easy access to. There are different types of metadata as follows:

Meta Description Metadata

A term referring to the text description used by a browser on the search page. It also acts as your website’s window display explaining what’s within the page/post.

Title Metadata

Used in the page titles displayed on your browser’s window or as the headline of the search engine results. It’s a significant metadata piece on a website page.  In the code, it will be a <H1> tag.


For good SEO, your text should include at least 1 inbound (another page on your site) and 1-3 outbound links.

Tools to Improve your SEO

No need to worry if you’ve created your website using WordPress. It is SEO friendly thanks to wonderful plugins such as:

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO ranks on top of all WordPress SEO plugins ideal in optimizing your site and creating better content. It features the following:

  • Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization
  • Tool for page analysis
  • Functionality for XML sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps helps in indexing your site’s content. The plugin automatically updates your sitemap after you publish new content.

All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack a great plugin and ranks high as Yoast SEO. It comes as a full package and it’s easy to use. With this tool, webmasters have been able to solve many challenges related to SEO.
Other than WordPress tools, there are other tools that come in handy for improving your SEO including:


SEMRush is another great tool for improving your website’s SEO and gets you the keywords responsible for your competitor’s high ranking.

Answer the Public

This tool is responsible for finding questions asked by people during forums, social media, and blogs. It then transforms them into great keywords.

With this tool, you get a list of the famous sites within your business specialization. As a result, you get to size up your competitors.


As you can see, your business website may not make any profit without significant and valuable traffic. The best way around this is by optimizing and improve your SEO on your website. Though there are many ways to achieve this, WordPress and other tools are a great way to start. If you are stuck and have no idea where to start, contact us today!