How to Keep on Top of Social Media Marketing in the New Decade

Keep on top of social media marketing

Social media marketing is ever-changing and fluid. It never stays still for a second. As soon as you have caught up with the latest trend it has become archaic and your marketing strategy a relic of social media past.

It is difficult to stay on top of such a fast-paced element of marketing. Gone are the days where you could create a single sign or billboard that had your entire marketing strategy displayed upon it. Now you must spread yourself thin over all forms of social media while not forgetting the printed publications that need your advertising too.

The easiest way to make sure your marketing strategy will withstand the undulations of social media is to make it as fluid as the platforms that it will be displayed on. This may mean changing up your marketing for the new decade.

Here are some tips on how to keep on top of the high-speed train that is social media marketing:

1. Streamline everything.

Social media is in real-time. Some influencers may argue differently as they keep their stories on the back burner so as not to disclose their locations and compromise their security. But for the layperson, social media is happening here and now. Make sure that your workflow is optimized by using tools such as Trello or Zenhub a Trello alternative, that can help you to maximize your productivity.

2. Leave likes in the past

Of course, you want people to like your pictures or your posts. However, as Instagram trial their no visible likes initiative, perhaps the number of hearts a post receives will become a thing of the past. Concentrate instead on the traffic you are receiving beyond the posts. If you are getting people interacting with your social media but not going any further into the product you are promoting; perhaps your social media strategy could do with a re-think.

3. Embrace the new augmented era

Augmented reality is here, and social media is at the forefront of it. Whether you are taking a selfie with superimposed puppy ears or you are scanning a Thai menu for translations, augmented reality has taken a firm hold of our social media. Don’t fear it, embrace it, and use it to your advantage. Create a filter, give a virtual tour, let your marketing become 3D.

4. Beware the digital detox

Remember that printed publication that needed your advertisements? Make sure that you maintain relationships with them as best you can. Because, with the oncoming digital detox, you might have to re-write more traditional media forms back into your marketing strategy.

Digital detox is by no means a bad thing. The mental health benefits of putting your technology away for a while have been proven to be true. However, the implications of taking away an arm of your marketing strategy could be a daunting one. Don’t leave it, be prepared to ride the digital detox storm when it comes and make sure that your marketing strategy takes it into account.