How to Use the 10:4:1 Rule to Create Social Media Content

How to use the 10-4-1 Rule to Create Social Media Content

There’s no question about it; social media is the future of online engagement. Once you realize this, the next task is figuring out how to best manage your business and put your content in front of your waiting audience.

Each week on #MagnetMarketers we dive into a 30+ minute topic on digital marketing live via Blab. This week we talk about the frequency and the type of content you need to post to your social media accounts.  Here’s the overview of the discussion presented by co-hosts Jessika Phillips and Mike Gingerich.

There are many factors that play into optimal engagement; such as frequency of posting, time of day of posting and types of content. To help you get a rhythm when it comes to curating and creating content, the so-called 10:4:1 rule is in order.

Posting 4 Times Per Day

The first part of the 10:4:1 rule refers to the number of times you should post to your social networks every day. Now, four times may seem like a lot; but remember – this is social media, and you shouldn’t be writing 800-word blog posts! In fact, the more succinct, the better; take content from your primary blog and share it with your social circles – especially when you can tie your content into trending news.

The other reason you should post at least 4 times per day is to make sure your visitors see your post. Not everyone is online at the same time; by using analytics and understanding when you get most of your visits, you stand an excellent chance of getting your message out to the most viewers.

Where Does the 10 Come From?

In the 10:4:1 rule, the 10 is the number of posts out of every 14 that should be your opinion on content from industry blogs. What does this mean? You have 14 posts scheduled to be written and posted to your social networks. Out of these 14, 10 of them should be curated from other blogs, and 4 should be your own original content.

When it comes to posting; re-use your content in different ways. For example, when taking from your blog, deliver the information in a new format – such as an infographic on your social media page. You can even make YouTube videos and post it on your Facebook wall. The point is to keep up consistent streams of content.

By reading the leading blogs to see what they’re talking about, you gain the ability to become a thought leader in your industry. Deliver similar content to your audience, with your own take on it, and your engagement will skyrocket.

Final Thought: The 1 in the 10:4:1 Rule

You can never forget your call to action. Metrics consistently show that people will usually only perform an action when they’re told to. As a result, for every 14 pieces of content you come up with, 10 of them should be curated from leading blogs, 4 of them should be your original content, and 1 call-to-action. This can simply direct them to a landing page, leave their email or encourage them to download something.