How WordPress CMS Benefits Your Business

WordPress website shown on tablet. Having a reliable, easy-to-navigate website is important in the modern business world. It allows you to easily reach and engage new customers while growing your business online. However, choosing the right platform for a business website is a common challenge. This is why many businesses worldwide, including Sony, Time, CNN, and Playstation, use the WordPress CMS.

Compared to other platforms, WordPress powers 45.8% of all current active websites. Below are a few reasons you should consider using WordPress CMS for your business website and the benefits it offers.

1. WordPress is free.

WordPress is generally free software. All you need to do is download it from the official website and follow the installation prompts to create your website. There is even a one-click installation option. With this, you don’t need to download and upload the actual software. There are also numerous free templates and themes available.

WordPress is a cost-effective option, and you don’t have to start completely from scratch when building a new website. As a CMS, WordPress has unmatched functionality and impressive plugins that simplify website creation. This can eliminate the need to hire a website developer to build your business website. However, you shouldn’t confuse this with, which isn’t free.

2. Easy to use

WordPress has a user-friendly interface that favors beginners with zero or minimal technical knowledge. The most important features are easily accessible from the platform’s dashboards. You can add new pages, upload a blog post, change website design with themes, and manage site settings from the dashboard.
There are multiple available plugins that improve website functionality and allow users to add new features. As an open-source platform, the community of developers constantly updates WordPress features. As such, WordPress CMS will always have the latest security updates and other features to improve your site performance.

3. Fully customizable

Running a website that is not customizable or adjustable to meet your business needs is certainly disappointing. Unlike many other content management systems, WordPress is fully customizable. You can access and choose from a wide range of themes and plugins, which makes it possible to build a business website of your liking.

WordPress theme customization

Themes control the design or appearance of your business site. You can easily change the website layout, color, add log, and more. You can choose from thousands of free and paid options on WordPress or hire a professional designer to create custom themes for your site.

Plugin customization

Apart from themes, you can choose from hundreds of WordPress plugins available for business websites and personal blogs. Plugins are software options that add features and functionality to a website. Popular WordPress plugins include WP forms for contact forms, social media integration, ecommerce, and more.

Advanced customization

You can take website customization beyond what’s provided by themes and plugins if you have basic coding knowledge. For instance, editing PHP files changes site functionality.

4. WordPress is SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is important for all websites. It helps websites rank better, increases organic traffic, and generates leads and conversions. Mastering SEO is generally an uphill task. However, WordPress has several built-in features that simplify website optimization for search engines.
WordPress allows users to add crucial SEO elements, such as meta descriptions, meta titles, and alt tags to pages and blog posts. You can also install plugins that make optimizing the site and tracking progress easy. WordPress is also mobile-friendly, additionally making it attractive to search engines.

The Bottom Line

Using WordPress CMS for your business site offers many benefits, as seen above. Besides being free and secure, you don’t need coding knowledge to create your business website. The one-click installation does everything. WordPress is a good option for businesses looking to improve their online presence. Better yet, there are many companies that specialize in building WordPress CMS websites to perfectly fit business needs.