Increase Your Homepage Conversions with These Tips

Increase your Home page conversions

Every business and marketer aims to get more subscriptions and close more sales. Unfortunately, neither of these is easy. In both cases, you must understand your market, outwork your competition, and invest heavily. Often, this is difficult and takes time. Well, you don’t always have to take the long route to the top. With a few well-thought hacks, you can get more conversions with a fraction of the effort. Below are some tips to help you increase homepage conversions.

1. Clearly highlight your value proposition

We live in a buyers’ market. Consumers have the upper hand because of the endless range of choices. If you don’t have what they want, how they want it, the next seller is just a click away.

For this reason, marketers must constantly lead with why they’re different. Why should the customer buy from you? What makes you so special? If you can find that “difference” and convey it to your customers strategically, you’re halfway to the top.

2. Optimize your site for conversions

As more consumers switch to online shopping, the state of your website makes a huge difference. A slow, cluttered, and difficult-to-navigate website will continuously cost you leads and conversions.

So, you need to change and update your website. Begin by building a simple, clean, and fast website. If it takes more than two seconds to load, it isn’t fast enough. Next, make sure it’s easy to navigate. No one wants to click through ten pages to find the desired resource/product.

3. Apply sales copy best practices

CrazyEgg has a very informative guide to help you write killer sales copy. It’s a long article but explains sales copy well.

Essentially, you must begin by understanding that sales copy is different from general copywriting. Why? Because, unlike general copies that are merely informative, sales copies target one thing only. Closing the deal. It’s easier to write better sales copies when you understand this fact.

4. Leverage UGC to build trust

The role of trust in sales conversion is grossly underrated. According to Marketing Charts, 81% of consumers say that trusting a brand to do the right thing is critical in their purchase decisions. It means that 8-out-of-10 consumers will only buy from you if they trust you to do the right thing.

User-generated content is one of the best tools to build consumer trust. Through reviews, comments, ratings, testimonials, and feedback, past users can tell future customers what to expect from your brand, tipping the scale in your favor.

5. Support every claim with proof

Another way to build trust is by providing “proof” for every claim. This is more important now than ever because of increasing “fake news” and misleading advertisements.

Fortunately, there are many ways to show proof. Social proof, such as through likes and upvotes, is one example. Another option is expert quotes. Generally, consumers believe that it must be true if an expert says so.

6. Use lead magnets to shorten the journey

Many marketers and brands struggle with the first step in sales – bringing the customer into the loop. It’s a slippery road because today’s consumers are increasingly wary of giving out their personal information.

One way to get around this pitfall is to leverage lead magnets. A lead magnet is a product or service the seller offers in exchange for the consumer’s personal information. For example, discount vouchers or free e-books.


These are just a few tips to help increase homepage conversions without overspending. Make sure to measure, analyze, and constantly improve each strategy for even higher returns. More importantly, don’t stop at these six tips. Long-term success comes from continuous learning.