Keyword Research Tool:

Marketers have been going to Google search result pages to check the auto-complete section as part of their keyword research. This type of keyword research can be time-consuming and confusing. is designed to make finding auto-complete keywords a breeze. You simply enter a keyword and the tool will generate up to 750 related search items. For those looking for a simple way to discover more keywords for an SEO or PPC campaign, here’s an overview of this amazing tool.

Key Features provides three key features; Find Keywords, Analyze Competitors, and Check Search Volume.

The Find Keywords Feature

To generate keywords, simply enter a term in the search area. Conduct keyword searches for the two main search engines (Google and Bing), Youtube, Amazon, e-Bay, and several stores, generate “Keyword Suggestions,” “Related Keywords,” or “Questions.” Or filter results by language, location, and Google country domain (such as vs. You can even generate negative keywords for the input search term.

The Analyze Competitor Feature

Search different URLs to discover and analyze your competitors’ keywords. For instance, as you start toppling company X, you may want to know the exact keywords they use. Just copy the URL of their landing page, paste it in the search area of the Analyze Competitor dashboard and click around to discover the main keywords used on the page.  Additionally, the tool even shows you how many times each keyword is used on the page or the entire site.

The Check Search Volume Feature

Check Search Volume allows you to find out the search volume and competition for a certain keyword. Let’s say that using the “Find Keywords” feature, you’ve discovered a few keywords that could help your AdWords campaign. Check Search Volume will show you how many people search each of the keywords on a daily/monthly basis so you can pick words with a lot of traffic. From there, you can use the competition analysis function to find out the keywords’ difficulty to rank in the search engines.

 Moreover, you can sort your results in ascending or descending order and export your lists to a CSV file.


Like other keyword research tools in the market, has a free plan for keyword searches only. You can’t perform competitor analysis or check search volumes.

 When you’re ready to upgrade, the lowest priced paid plan is the Pro Lite which costs $48/month. Next is the Pro Basic priced at $68/month and finally the Pro Plus priced at $88/month.

 All payments are billed automatically from your credit card. Also, you can cancel your subscription at any time and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee for all new subscriptions

Verdict: is Definitely Worth a Try

Finding long-tail keywords manually in the search engine can be a daunting task. solves this challenge and makes it easy to come up with a keyword strategy. This is important if you want to rank high in Google search. It’s a challenge to do so and sometimes you need an expert to help. Keep watch for coming Black Friday SEO Deals as well from firms.

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