Kickstart a Traffic Increase to your Website: 5 Steps to Follow

Kickstart a Traffic Increase to your Website: 5 Steps to Follow

Website traffic is the number of visitors your site receives. You can track where traffic comes from – your social media channel clicks through search engine results, links from other websites. How that traffic then navigates around your website is also trackable. It is also possible to track how long visitors spend on your website, how far down certain pages they scroll and how much of videos they watch. This is all important analytical data, but what is most important is getting them there.

These simple five steps should help you kickstart a traffic increase to your website.

  • Improve your search engine optimization

The best, but perhaps one of the most complex steps you can take to kickstart a traffic increase to your website are those that improve your search engine optimization. Optimizing your website or content for search engines means it will appear higher up results pages, pipping your rivals to the customer’s first click. This is done through uploading and refreshing original content to your website. Plus getting links to and from your website (to and from other reputable sites), and using keywords. SEO specialists are the best to go to for this if you’re unsure.

  • Increase your social media use

An engaging and creative social media presence will work wonders for your website traffic. Include a link to your website in your social media biographies and choose a tone for your business profiles. Whether you are informative, funny or topical, stick to your style. This will build a good number of followers who know what to expect from you. From there you can share blog posts, new products, videos or interviews. Whatever content you think will draw viewers in to click on the link back to your site. Likes, follows and shares are useful, but are largely in vain if they aren’t then using your service.

  • Advertise in-store

If you have a physical store, use signage or QR codes to help direct customers to your website. Inform customers you speak to that you have a website. Consider trialing e-receipts – taking customers’ email addresses to send receipts electronically following purchases, this provides them with a simple link to your site.

  • Redesign your website

A well-designed website is an attractive and welcoming one, encouraging those who find it to stay on it. Use web designers who know your area. For example, website design Coventry or any other destination, to get the best expertise. Using designers will help your website be user friendly, drawing in new customers and directing them effectively to the pages which make you money.

  • Have a designated digital team

If your company is large enough, consider having a designated digital team. Asking staff to cover both the physical, traditional side of marketing or merchandising as well as the digital side could be too much in the modern age. Working on the digital strands of business is an art within itself. It requires a lot of time and resources to perfect. Should you create this team, ensure they are in regular contact with their traditional marketing and sales counterparts. This is so that they work cohesively and collaboratively.