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Laser surveying instruments are primarily used to set elevation, grade or to plumb construction elements. Midwest Construction Equipment has created a list of commonly used laser surveying instruments, along with a brief description of their uses. These instruments shouldn’t be confused with spectrometers, as UV vis spectrometer is most commonly used in biochemistry, but is a similar type of equipment to laser surveying instrument. 

Laser Levels – Laser levels point or rotate to create a reference point, line, or plane. When used outside, laser levels are almost always used with a receiver attached to a grade rod or mounted on heavy equipment for laser machine control. When used inside, a visible beam guides construction activity, but sometimes a receiver is used for large work areas. Some units have the ability to slope the plane on one or two axes to set a grade or slope. Laser levels used for machine control are more powerful.

Laser Receivers – Receivers can attach to grade rods. Larger laser receivers are mounted on heavy equipment for machine control. Laser receivers are specific to the wavelength of light received. Newer laser receivers are universal for the wavelength of laser light received.

Pipe Lasers – Used to set precise grade of pipes, drains or sewers, and are typically used with a pipe type- and size-specific target set.

3D Scanners – These devices use multi-point scanning to produce an accurate 3D model of any indoor or outdoor man-made or natural structure, mostly for project design support.

Distance Meters – Whether a handheld device, part of a total station, or another type of surveying instrument, distance meters bounce laser energy off a surface or a target to measure distances with great accuracy.

Laser Guided Machine Control – Machine Control is a broad category of application where the base technologies of laser, sonic and GNSS are applied individually or in combination to control heavy construction machinery. Single to multidimensional solutions are possible. A laser guided machine control uses receivers and sensors to either “indicate” by annunciation or they can “automate” to achieve the desired grade.

Please refer to the full Midwest Construction Equipment Survey Buyers Guide Free Download for additional information to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your laser surveying instruments.

Midwest Construction Equipment ~ Surveying Instruments ~ Laser Levels ~ Laser Receivers