Login With Facebook? 4 Ways to Connect Your App To Social Media

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Image Source: Jirapong Manustrong / Shutterstock.com

You’re on the Google Play store looking for an app. You’ve heard good things about this app from your friends and want to try it out. You find it, download it, and open it for the very first time. You know exactly what you are going to see on that first screen. You’ve seen it on so many others. That ubiquitous, blue, elongated oval telling you that you can login via Facebook. Why has that become such a common way to create your new accounts? Because the person who designed those apps did their homework, that’s why.

Social media is not just a passing fad. It isn’t something that the kids are into these days. Social media platforms have become low-cost marketing giants. It has become something that is no longer optional for a business to have if it wishes to survive the modern day. If you are wondering how social media can possibly benefit your particular business and your business app look no further. I have outlined a few key points below:

1. Publish Things People do in Your APP to Their Facebook Activity Feed

Publishing app activity to the user’s Facebook news feed not only increases the visibility of your app, but it requires absolutely no extra effort on the part of the user. Now, when someone scrolls down their Facebook news feed they can see updates people have posted from your app of all the interesting things they are doing, thereby attracting new, curious users.

2. Use Your Landing Page as a Giant Advertisement for Your APP

Once people have seen posts from your app on their news feed, you need to consider what happens if and when they click on it. Ideally, clicking on a post from your business app will take them to your Facebook business page. Nearly 80% of all social media use is now done via a mobile device. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to advertise your business app and allow them to easily download it to their device.

3. Use a Call to Action Strategy

Instead of simply inviting potential customers to download your app, try to make it a little fun. Invite them to challenge a friend who has already downloaded the app to play the game, or accumulate the points or whatever it is that your app has to offer. You can also offer specials such as promo codes, for people who refer a friend to the app and actually get them to download and use it. All of these methods are interactive and promote your app through the recommendation of a friend. That’s a win/win.

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4. Ease of Access and Improved Functionality

Most people today are account-heavy. We all have different email accounts, social media accounts, accounts created on shopping websites, banking websites, and music websites, etc. Allowing the user of your app to “Login with Facebook” makes setting up their new account as smooth as possible. It will also allow you to see which of their friends use and don’t use your app, make sure they are following you on social media and receiving your updates, and target ads just for them.

It has become very evident that social media integration is a key part of any successful business. This means adjusting the way we previously thought about things so that our new concepts and ideas can link to, relate to, and include social media platforms. Many of these platforms even offer their own forms of free analytics to help you track what is working, what isn’t, and how far and fast your message is spreading. If you aren’t pushing mobile commerce and social media to the very top of your to-do list in 2017, you are going to be left in the dark.