Modern Website Refresh for Building Website

Modern website refresh for building website shown on laptop, iPad and mobile phone.

Technology and online resources change rapidly, which means even a 2-year-old website can be outdated and slow. This is why many businesses opt to refresh their websites every few years. The recently redesigned website for Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings gives the business website a clean, modern refresh that embraces its branding. The renewed website offers all the original functionality optimized for new devices to offer a seamless browsing experience. Below are a few features the Digital Hill team used to bring this website into the modern era. 

New Clear Layout

The old Pacemaker website featured a blue background with static images and various text blocks. The newest iteration features a clean white background with image overlays, touches of red and blue, and calls to action to drive conversions. All images have a clean white border which helps them stand out on the color blocks. The color blocks are consistent throughout the entire website adding to the cohesiveness and brand recognition. When it comes to text, sentences are intentionally short. The copy is also in contrasting colors to ensure it is easy to read for any visitor. 

All contact details for Pacemaker are located at the bottom of each page, and the phone number is clearly located in the top right. This allows website visitors to find the information they need quickly without needing to search through the website. 


As more people use the internet to find information and products, having an accessible website is crucial. After all, you don’t want people to get frustrated and leave before finding what they need. The AccessiBe plugin makes this easy. Website visitors simply click on the blue accessibility button to choose their preferences. Options include text-to-speech, text sizes, and color options. Once a website visitor selects their accessibility preferences, these changes are saved for their next visit in that browser on that device.

Gutenberg and WordPress CMS

The WordPress CMS allows the team at Pacemaker to make changes, add new pages, and remove content as needed. Additionally, the newer Gutenberg content blocks make updates even easier than ever before. This is due to the simple drag-and-drop system of content type blocks, showing how they appear to website visitors. Now, the Pacemaker team can easily add images to the gallery or new job postings without the risk of “breaking” the site layout.

Responsive on All Devices

The rise of mobile devices and the decrease of desktop computer use means having a mobile-responsive website is more important than ever. The new Pacemaker redesign automatically resizes to match the screen size and resolution of any device. This ensures the website always loads quickly and eliminates the need to zoom in or out while browsing.

With their new modern website redesign, Pacemaker Post Frame Buildings can keep customers updated with ease while offering the best possible digital service. 

If your business website is in need of a modern refresh or rebrand, contact Digital Hill today for a free quote.