New Custom Website for a TV Show

Promoting your brand in the modern era requires a dynamic online presence on both social media and a stand-alone website. This is why the Florida Insider Fishing Report (FIFR) show needed a custom website. On the new website, fans of the show can find all the latest episodes, learn more about the team, and shop for merchandise. Furthermore, website visitors can gain access to deals and upcoming content before the general public. Below are the backend features the Digital Hill team used to create this custom website. 

WP Rocket 

Speed is an important factor for business websites, especially in the digital age where patrons expect instant results. Using WP Rocket as a website caching plugin helps to optimize the Florida Insider Fishing Report Website. Caching works by creating a static version of each webpage, that is stored on the user’s computer or device. This means the next time they visit the site, it loads even faster than before. While this is an obvious benefit for website visitors, it also helps the business as caching reduces the load on your host server. Caching also helps to improve SEO ranking as page loading speed is taken into account. 


The AccessiBe plugin ensures that the Florida Insider Fishing Report website is in line with ADA compliance regulations. Achieving compliance often requires hours of review and adjustments, however, by implementing AccessiBe during the website creation process, each page is already compliant. Furthermore, the plugin will ensure any additional pages added are also compliant. On the website visitors’ side, they have access to the accessibility interface. Here, visitors can select their viewing preferences with options for text-to-speech, text sizing, and color. Once a visitor selects their preferences, these changes are saved in the browser for their next visit to that same browser.

Google reCAPTCHA

By implementing Google reCAPTCHA on any form, the Digital Hill team ensures that the Florida Insider Fishing Report team receives less spam. Google reCAPTCHA works by using a test to separate bots from humans. These tests are simple for humans to solve, but difficult for bots and AI hackers. This simple plugin addition helps to minimize the amount of spam messaging that occurs from both the contact and FIFR survey pages. 

As more people use the internet to watch TV and connect with their favorite personalities, the need for customized, dynamic websites increases. By hiring Digital Hill, Florida Insider Fishing Report now has a unique website to showcase their TV show, post updates, share social media posts and most importantly connect with their viewers. This helps the team take their show and brand to the next level.

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