New Dynamic Healthcare Website

Getting surgery can be a scary experience, especially if you are unsure what to expect. The new ASC Surgical Ventures LLC website aims to educate every patient on what to expect before they come in for a procedure. The following are some of the key healthcare website features Digital Hill included. The intention is to make patients feel at ease before, during, and after surgery procedures. 

Detailed Patient Information and Forms

Once a patient has been referred, they can access all the documents they need right on the website. This means there is no longer additional stress relating to losing paperwork or misunderstanding forms. Patients simply go to the ‘Patient Info’ tab in the top menu bar to access everything they need. Within this area of the website, patients can find the forms, disclosures, billing and insurance information, and finally pay their bills. Having everything easily accessible in one place helps to take away some of the stress associated with medical procedures. 

Smart CTAs

Featured at the top of every page on the ASC Surgical Ventures LLC website are two key call-to-action (CTA) items. These are the Pay My Bill and Directions CTAs. This makes finding the surgery clinic easy for new patients while making sure bill payments are just as easy. Visitors simply click on the preferred CTA and are quickly taken to the appropriate page. For payment, visitors then click to pay via the secure payment portal, logging in with their patient ID, name, and email address to ensure payments are allocated correctly. For Directions, the Surgery Center of Granger and the Outpatient Surgery Center in Elkhart are listed with the written address, maps, and phone numbers. 

Overlay Information Panels

The homepage of ASC Surgical Ventures LLC features several text overlay panels to capture visitors’ interest while providing key information. These overlays are in contrasting colors to the image and feature short sentences. This helps visitors to scan and find the information they need without searching the entire website. Each overlay panel also has a relevant CTA button, so website visitors can find related information effortlessly. 


When going in for a medical procedure, there are bound to be many questions. ASC Surgical Ventures LLC aims to relieve some of the stress by providing an in-depth FAQ section on their website. This webpage is continually updated as patients ask questions, making this a living document. The answers on the FAQ page are detailed and provide peace of mind for current and future patients. 

Before, During and After

This section of the ASC Surgical Ventures LLC website contains all the information a patient needs when preparing for surgery and recovery. This information is given in person to patients but is also clearly listed on the website for easy access. On this webpage, all patients can find detailed instructions for preparation and what you need to bring with you to your surgery. There is also detailed information for post-op recovery and what to expect. 

The new ASC Surgical Ventures LLC website aims to help educate patients while allowing them to have more control and understanding of the medical choices and procedures offered. ASC Surgical Ventures, LLC healthcare website demonstrates their willingness to help patients 24/7. In addition to embracing technology and innovation within the medical industry. 

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