New Modern Library Website

As we all know, the public library is the center of the community. Middlebury Public Library in Middlebury, Indiana, is no different. However, how people find and use public libraries in their area is changing as technology evolves. To keep up with technology and the changing demands of patrons, Middlebury Public Library needed a modernized website. Below are the key features Digital Hill added to ensure the best visitor experience.

Easy to Maintain

By using WordPress CMS to create and manage the new Middlebury Public Library website. It is both easy to use and easy to maintain. The backend is especially easy for the Middlebury administration team to update all images, slides, and events with just a few clicks. With so much happening at the library every month, this was a necessary feature. Now, whenever a new event is scheduled, or events are canceled, the administration team has full control rather than having to contact the website administrator to make changes.

Furthermore, WordPress allows for mobile optimization, which means it is easy to use on all devices. The new website will seamlessly adapt to any screen size, while the sliders and features render perfectly for a great user experience.

Homepage slider feature

As visitors land on the homepage, the first thing they see is a slideshow of current events and activities for the library. Each slide stays on the screen for 10 seconds to capture the attention of visitors. Each slide contains an image, description, and CTA button for visitors to click through for more information. Having the slider feature allows the library to always have the most current information right in view of website visitors. This increases visitor engagement and boosts awareness about upcoming events.

Comprehensive search

Most library visitors are looking to check out books, ebooks, audiobooks, or DVDs. Therefore, having a comprehensive search option was essential. The Middlebury Public Library search functions allow any website visitor to quickly see if the book they are looking for is available, all without logging in. The search bar is located at the top of each webpage, and searching opens a new browser tab to ensure visitors don’t lose their place on the website. If the option is available, visitors can click to reserve the book and then enter their library card details. This feature allows patrons to reserve their next books from anywhere and simply pick them up at the library later.

Events Calendar

The final crucial feature of the Middlebury Public Library website is the events calendar. This allows any website visitor to look at all events happening at the library over the next few months. This includes all reading programs, art clubs, social activities, and more. It also shows which days the library is closed, which is essential for those who may need to travel to get to the library.

As a community hub, the Middlebury Public Library needed a new website that would attract the younger generation and encourage them to visit in person. Through the dynamic, modern layout and mobile optimization, they can now attract more patrons than ever before. Better yet, potential visitors can access everything they need to know on the website rather than having to wait and call during opening hours. Middlebury’s new modern library website offers flexibility for both the library staff and patrons.

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