New Responsive Website For Goshen Electric Has Launched


Digital Hill Multimedia Inc. is excited to announce the lunch of the new responsive website for Goshen Electric, Inc. The company Goshen Electric  now has a fresh and newly designed website for desktop, mobile and tablet users. Goshen Electric came to Digital Hill with the need to improve and enhance their digital presence and we here at Digital Hill knew actually how to solve their issues because we have done it before. Please take a moment and check out the new responsive website for Goshen Electric!

To help understand the problem Goshen Electric had, we need to know a bit more about them. Goshen Electric has been serving the needs of our customers since 1936. They pride themselves in having over 100 years of combined experience in the electrical wholesale business. Goshen Electric Inc. is an independently, locally owned and operated company. They service the five-county, Northern Indiana Area and with our outside sales personnel and they can meet the daily needs of their customer’s. This new site demonstrates their commitment to be leading edge and high quality.

Goshen Electric’s site was very out of date and we were told that people, were just not finding the information they were looking for. They also, didn’t have the ability to manage and update their own content. In today’s digital world having a well organized, updated, and visually appealing website can be the factor of gaining or losing new business. If you want to learn more about Goshen Electric’s new website and learn how updating your current website could help you or your business, please keep reading and check out the key areas we choose to highlight.

Old site as viewed on a phone:

Old Goshen Electric Site

This site was hard to navigate and users were leaving the site without gaining the knowledge they needed. Pinching to zoom in and out was very frustrating for mobile users no one wants a client or potential new client to be frustrated with their first experience with the company.

This non-responsive design made it very hard for users to find any information, which resulted in less new customers. The solution for Goshen Electric was to contact Digital Hill, which proudly serves the greater Elkhart – Goshen and South Bend areas, very similar to their own areas served.

New site as viewed on a phone:

New Goshen Electric Site

This new responsive website however, is very easy to navigate and users are staying on the site longer and getting the information they are looking for much quicker. The responsive site design makes it very easy for users to find any information they need without having to pinch to zoom in or out for mobile users. A happy client is always a good thing and new website can help your company gain happy clients.

For Goshen Electric having a responsive site wasn’t enough, they wanted to make using their website a pleasant experience, so they added features to help. A few of the key features of Goshen Electic’s new website includes:

  • Simple Design
  • Easy to Navigate & Use
  • Easy to Manage & Update

Simple Design

The last thing you want with your company or personal website is for a potential client to come to your site, not find what they are looking for or get frustrated and leave your site to go to a competitor’s site. The things that every simple website design have are; eye catching photography, natural flow of content that moves left to right (most people read left to right) and Recent Relevant Content. If all of the three things I mentioned are on your current site then it is more than likely performing well, but there is always room for better performance. Here at Digital Hill we also specialize in digital marketing, if you think your site could be performing better, give us a call! This is something Goshen Electric wanted to make sure of, so they choose to use Digital Hill’s digital marketing services to help increase site traffic, which will help increase leads and grow sales.

Easy to Navigate & Use

If a website is easy to use, a website admin would be able to tell simply by keeping track of their site analytics by using website analytic software (i.e. Google Analytics). If users are leaving the site quickly, it might be time to think about better ways to re-organize or re-develop your website. A few signs of a website that is hard to navigate and use could be as follows; there is no sign of website organization, meaning content is randomly placed and makes finding anything a journey for the user. The site could also be out of date, meaning it hasn’t been updated in over a few months or more, don’t let this happen, if a user has to call in to find out current information they are more than likely frustrated. Last of all, make sure the website navigation menu is relevant for what users would be looking for, meaning choose the main components of your business to focus on.

Make sure that your website is well organized, has up to date content, and make sure to focus on what the user would be looking for. When designing or thinking about getting a new website, make sure to ask yourself “how easy is my website to navigate and use?” if the answer to the question is more complicated than saying “very easy’ then, there is work that could be done. Try using the three suggestions we mentioned above, and you could see a large difference in website traffic, which in turns means more business for you. Goshen Electric is using the information provided above and their website traffic is growing daily.

Easy to Manage & Update

One thing that Goshen Electric wanted was the ability to manage and maintain their own website easily, with minimal effort and time to make those updates. This is something that we at Digital Hill made sure to provide for Goshen Electric, we gave them access to our new Content Management System (CMS) that gives them complete control of their content. This gives a website admin from Goshen Electric the ability to easily manage and update their website, meaning the site admin can edit content, add or delete pages, and manage all images from any computer, tablet or mobile device with a web browser and internet connection. Giving Goshen Electric the ability to manage their website was a large factor in choosing Digital Hill because with this ability came the power to always provide the necessary information to their customers in a well organized, always up to date and easy to use website.


If you or a business you know needs a high end professional responsive website, please contact Digital Hill and request a free quote!  We don’t just serve the Goshen, South Bend, and Michiana area, we serve the world and make the web work for you!