New Website to Showcase Innovation

In the modern world, showcasing innovation and eco-friendly products is easier than ever. However, there is more competition than ever before, which means your digital presence needs to stand out. Hanwha Azdel contacted the Digital Hill team for a customized website to showcase their innovative composite materials for automotive and RV use. Below are some of the key features Digital Hill included in the new Hanwha Azdel website.

Technical Support

On the Hanwha Azdel website, visitors can easily gain access to the necessary technical support and product information for the innovative composite products. Any visitor who is curious about the eco-friendly composite thermoplastic, floor, and wall lamination options and how they perform can view the SDS or Safety Data Sheets for the product. The SDS details are available in both English and Spanish to be accessible to more visitors. Some of the key details included in the SDS forms include the composition breakdown, whether or not it is hazardous, first aid measures, fire rating, handling instructions, and more. The detail within the SDS forms includes everything someone would need to know about their products. In turn, this helps to reassure visitors about the safety and quality of the products.  

Employee Portal

With technology becoming an integral part of business, having a reliable and easy-to-access portal for employees was a key consideration for Hanwha Azdel. Within this portal, employees can access order information, product details, training materials, and more. Better yet, the administration team can easily track who has accessed what information and check what training they have completed. 

Join our Team

Everything now happens online, and that includes job searches. To streamline applications and feature on search engine results, there is a dedicated ‘Join Our Team’ webpage. On this webpage, visitors can view what positions are available at each location, and click to see the job description. The job descriptions include all the relevant information from job tasks and employee classification to required qualifications and job titles. After viewing the jobs available, interested parties can apply directly to Hanwha Azdel using the form on the same page. This form collects all relevant information, including references and call availability. Once complete this form is immediately sent to the admin team. The team can then review the application and call the applicant for an interview. 

This dedicated webpage streamlines job applications and makes it easier for the hiring team to keep track of potential employees. Not to mention, applicants can access all the relevant information they need from their mobile device or computer.

Having a website in the digital age is a requirement for any business. However, a customized website created specifically with your business goals in mind can help you to stand out from your competitors. Contact Digital Hill today to discuss your business goals and website dreams.