Niche Micro Market Website Launch

Maple City Dispensing offers a range of vending machines and office drink solutions. However, their success relies on being found online by new businesses. Therefore, their website needs to reflect the products they have available and the value they offer. The new Maple City Dispensing website contains everything a potential client needs to know about this niche micro market product, while being optimized for search engines and user experience.


In the digital era, people expect websites to load quickly and be easy to navigate. Otherwise, people are likely to just click off and find another supplier or product. The Maple City Dispensing website utilizes WordPress CMS to offer the best service to every potential client. The website loads rapidly and is mobile-optimized. This means that every user will have the same experience, no matter what sort of device they use to browse the website. 


The Maple City Dispensing website is easy for the administrative team to manage and maintain. Having a modern website is most effective if it is easy to maintain, and keep up-to-date. WordPress CMS makes this easy through the use of Gutenberg Blocks and the Plugins available. Now the Maple City Dispensing team can update their offerings with ease. 


Business websites in the digital age are only helpful if potential clients can find them online. The Digital Hill team added Yoast SEO as a plugin to help maximize search engine traffic. This plugin helps businesses to quickly and easily optimize each webpage by adding meta descriptions and tags. Additionally, businesses can preview how their webpage will show on search engines, making it easier to adapt pages as necessary. Yoast SEO will also alert the Maple City Dispensing team if ranking rules change while offering suggestions to improve search engine ranking with a good, fine, or bad rating system. 


The design of the Maple City Dispensing website is simple yet effective. The blocks of blue and white are pleasing to the eye and make reading the available information easy. Navigation is simple, with a basic menu featuring all the web pages. The photos are of high quality and showcase the Maple City Dispensing offerings authentically, so clients know what to expect. Finally, the simple layout ensures the website loads quickly, even if visitors have limited internet or data access. 

As more businesses prefer to search online for services, having a website is necessary. Take the initiative like Maple City Dispensing to get a customized website that meets your business needs. Being found online is the best way to grow your business and take control of your future. 

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