Positive1to1.com - Device Management for Schools-315Linked to higher test scores, 1:1 initiatives can be a great addition to school districts. With the hopes of bringing technology into the classroom, 1:1 technology has been thought of as a way to boost student participation and achievement. However, one thing that stands in the way of a successful initiative is inventory and device management.

Positive1to1’s device management technology helps takes some of the pressure off of deployment and day-to-day coordination and maintenance of school technology. The management software gives schools the ability to issue a device to every student while tracking each device’s repair status.

Positive1to1 offers support for schools and districts for the following areas:

  • Student orientation and training
  • Resource and lifecycle management
  • Student use policies
  • Repair management
  • Device buyout
  • Informing and communicating with parents

Supporting Students and The School Community

By offering support, Positive1to1 helps you keep the benefits of 1-to-1 technology. As well as maximize them for the students in your district. One-to-one deployment doesn’t end with a laptop or tablet in the hands of every student. Students receive training on the proper use of their devices. Positive1to1 also continues to support students through further education.

Instead of relying solely on third party repairs, students are trained in the proper use of their devices as well as repair, saving money on repair costs. For students that have become intrigued with technology and want to learn more, Positive1to1 offers further training in hardware and software services.

An All In One Management System

Many 1:1 programs fail when they don’t have a cohesive management system. Think of all the wasted resources that occur when there is no device tracking and accountability. With hundreds of devices, numerous users accessing records, and inaccurate manual record keeping, it becomes near impossible to maintain a 1-to-1 initiative.

Positive1to1 management software solution avoids these problems by allowing staff to manage devices with more ease. Instead of creating a patchwork of documents and spreadsheets for device tracking, automated software provides an accurate insight into inventory tracking. Issuing devices to students and getting each student trained is no longer an unmanageable hassle. When it comes time for devices to be replaced or repairs, it takes less time for a student to be issued a new one.

Positive1to1 helps schools gain educational opportunities for students. It empowering them to be self-sufficient, efficient, and maintain strong 1:1 initiatives. Learn more about Positive1to1.com  and the benefits of a 1:1 software system by contacting us today!