Remodeled Website with Unique Features

Reflecting the feel and style of a business through its website is key to success in the modern era. Digital Hill recently updated and launched a newly remodeled website for Delta Renovations Inc. to do just that. The full-service remodeling contractor has been in business for over 30 years, offering custom solutions through innovative design. The new Delta Renovations Inc. website has the following features to show the service and support they offer in person – by bringing it online. 

Proof of Work and Quality

Hiring a new company to create your dream can be scary and challenging. The following web pages are designed to showcase the quality and care Delta Renovations Inc. puts into every project. This, in turn, helps to reassure potential customers while offering customer service from the first point of contact. 


Any homeowner looking to renovate wants to see proof of previous projects the remodeling company has completed. This is why the portfolio page of the new Delta Renovations Inc. website is so popular with site visitors. Each type of project has its own section, making it easier for potential customers to view the relevant projects. The main categories include Kitchens, Baths, Room Additions, Interior Renovations, and Exterior Renovations. By showcasing these high-quality images of past projects, the team at Delta Renovations demonstrates their skills while offering visual references for potential clients. In addition to the photo portfolio, this page lists the services they offer, from design to contracting. 

Before and After

In addition to the Portfolio page, there is also the Before and After gallery. This page showcases both dramatic and basic renovations the team at Delta Renovations Inc. has completed. This gallery further supports the skill and talent of the contractors and designers while offering inspiration for potential customers. 


Hearing from previous clients is a must when hiring any service-based company. The testimonials page is filled with writeups from previous customers, including when and where they worked with Delta Renovations Inc. With testimonials spanning almost 15 years, this page is crucial to converting website visitors into paying clients. 

Get to Know The Team

In the modern era, people are more likely to hire a company they can connect with or relate to. This is why having a detailed About Us page is a must. The Delta Renovations’ About Us page tells the story of how the company came to be, what values it holds, and what services it offers. Also included are the images of each team member alongside their name and title. Under this is a detailed biography, allowing potential customers to truly get to know the team before meeting them in person. Showing the people behind the names and job roles helps to build a sense of trust and humanizes the company. It also offers many benefits to the company itself. 

The new Delta Renovations Inc. website helps visitors and potential customers connect with the company from the very beginning. By utilizing the features above, each web page is specially designed to attract customers and encourage a trusting relationship between client and contractor online before they even have that first in-person meeting. This, in turn, increases conversions and boosts the Delta Renovations Inc. client list. 

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