Responsive Website Redesign for Custom Furniture Business

Responsive Website Redesign for Custom Furniture Business shown on phone, tablet, and laptop.

Recently the newly redesigned responsive website for custom furniture business launched. Weaver Furniture Barn was looking to modernize their website while making it easy for updates and new products. Additionally, the redesign needed to be user-friendly while offering a seamless browsing experience.

Below are the features that make this website redesign stand out.

WordPress to Manage and Update

The first and biggest change for this website redesign was moving to a WordPress content management system (CMS). WordPress gives the team at Weaver Furniture Barn the ability to update and maintain their website easily. This is crucial as furniture designs are added and removed frequently. By using WordPress as the CMS, adding items to the website is simple, with dedicated spaces to add images and measurements for each item. Items can also quickly be categorized making it easy for users browsing the website.

Modern Layout

Another crucial detail when redesigning the Weaver Furniture Barn website was bringing it into the current digital age. To do this we created a simple, modern design using minimal colors to segment the website. This new, professional and dynamic website brings Weaver Furniture Barn into the digital age without compromising its heritage and vision. The homepage contains everything users need, from an easy-to-navigate top menu to featured products and upcoming sale information.

All of their contact details, including the shop address, are easily located at the bottom of each page, with the phone number also featured at the top of the page. Furthermore, we included a search option in the top left corner. This allows users to find exactly what they need without even needing to use the menu options. The Weaver Furniture Barn logo is also featured at both the top and bottom of the page and the logo colors are used throughout the website for a cohesive look.

100% Responsive Design

Another important detail for this website redesign was ensuring that the website was responsive for clients. There is nothing worse than potential clients finding you online, then leaving due to the site not loading. With the large range of furniture options and custom details available, loading time is key. Additionally, as more and more website visitors are using mobile devices to shop online, we needed to ensure the website was mobile-friendly. This also has the added bonus of being easily accessible while customers are shopping in-store but looking for a custom item.

Easy to Navigate and Browse

As the majority of furniture options are customizable, users can add each item to a quote by clicking the ‘Request Info’ button on the item page. To help increase responsiveness and add to the user experience, the user stays on the item page with an option to view their quote form. Below each item is also a list of related items, making it easier than ever to shop a collection.

With their newly redesigned website, Weaver Furniture Barn visitors can easily view and request quotes on custom furniture from anywhere. This not only helps boost their customer base but also helps put them ahead of the competition.

If you or a business you know need a redesign of your current website, please contact Digital Hill and request a free quote!