SESCO Expands its SES/320A Line Adding SES320/AR-100

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SESCO-Systems Engineering & Sales Company Inc. is pleased to welcome the addition of the New SES/320AR-100 to its Insulated Oil Regeneration Systems product line.

SESCO-Systems Engineering & Sales Company Inc. offers the market’s most complete lines of custom low- and high-vacuum oil/fluid purification equipment.

The New SES/320AR-100 Functions and Capabilities
SESCO’s SES/320AR-100 insulating oil regeneration (reclamation) system uses an adsorbent media system that can be reactivated more than 300 times before disposal is required. These systems are typically used for multi-pass oil reclamation and transformer desludging. Dual adsorbent processing banks are provided to permit uninterrupted processing during media reactivation.

The SES/320AR-100 Can Be Used To:

  • Regenerate ISO Group III Insulating Oils
  • Recondition ISO Group I&II Insulating Oils
  • Remove dissolved water, gas, particulate, acids, varnishes, sludge, color bodies and oxidation byproducts.
  • Restore color, dielectric strength, TAN, IFT and most other physical properties.
  • De-sludge transformers using multi-pass recirculation

SESCO’s SES/320AR-100 systems are custom-configured and packaged to your specific requirements.

For more information on the SES/320AR-100 please visit the SESCO-Systems Engineering & Sales Company Inc. website or contact us.