SESCO Introduces SES/329 Dry Air Systems

SESCO introduces its SES/329 family of stand alone dry air systems to provide unsurpassed reliability and are designed to meet a wide variety of industrial air service applications. The SESCO SES/329 dry air systems are custom engineered to fit each individual application to meet specific dew points at various flow rates.

Commom Applications for the SESCO SES/329 Series:

  • Chasing down transformers
  • Breaking vacuum on transformers
  • “CLASS D ” Breathing air for work in confined spaces
  • Packaging
  • Storage

Typical System Provisions:

  • Auto / Manual Compressor Operation
  • LED Status for dryer operation
  • Skid mounted w/ fork lift provisions
  • 100′ Power cable
  • -70 °F Dew Point

Available Options for the SESCO SES/329

  • Mobile mounting
  • Panel mounted digital dew point monitor
  • Panel mount digital CO monitor with alarm
  • Dedicated dry and compressed air storage
  • 100′ Air hose w/ spring rewinding reel

For more information, please visit SESCO