Specialty Medical Equipment Website

For many people, having access to reliable repair services for their medical devices is crucial. Nuell Inc. offers this service worldwide, specifically for orthopedic surgical equipment. As a leader in the medical repair industry since 1968, Nuell Inc. needed to improve its online presence while maintaining its professional, reliable brand. To help Nuell Inc bring its business into the modern era, the Digital Hill team utilized smart and effective website-building techniques.

Modern Branding

Utilizing the classic purple and white logo colors of Nuell Inc. means that the website is cohesive and easily recognizable to clients. Website visitors are easily drawn to areas of interest without breaking up the aesthetic of the website through smart color use. Every call-to-action button uses the classic purple on a white background to ensure it clearly stands out. Furthermore, the simple three-color design ensures that the text is always easy to read.

User-Friendly Layout

The primary navigation menu is simple and easy for website visitors to use. The six options available cover the primary services and critical business information visitors will be looking for. They can quickly choose between Equipment Repair, Specialty Repairs, Equipment Sales, Contact, News, and Company. Through this simple menu, less time is wasted while on the website. Thus users will not get frustrated while looking for what they need.

Mobile Friendly

With almost 60% of web searches originating from mobile devices, having a website that works effectively on all devices is important to business success. The Digital Hill team uses WordPress CMS to ensure that the new Nuell Inc. website adapts size and layout to match the viewer’s device. This means that all functionality and loading speeds are the same, no matter what device is being used. As a medical repair provider, this is an essential detail that helps Nuell Inc. to stand out from competitors. Due to the ease of access on mobile devices, Google also pushes Nuell Inc. higher in search results.


Every webpage on the Nuell Inc. website is search engine optimized. To do this, the Digital Hill team created industry-specific keyword-heavy meta descriptions, tags, and copywriting. These details ensure that potential clients can find Nuell Inc. when searching online for a medical equipment repair specialist. This also helps to boost their online reputation. Helping push any new posts they make to the top of search engine results.

In the modern age, having a simple, effective, and mobile-friendly website is a must for your business. After all, more and more people are choosing to research on the go rather than waiting until they are at a computer. Take your business website to the next level by contacting us today to discuss your needs.