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The launch of a new Membership Subscription website

Recently Digital Hill created a new membership web system for the New Science of Selling team. The challenge was to create a website that allowed financial advisers to provide confidential services to their clients. Financial advisers can provide better guidance with better information, but the tools for collecting and sharing this information were typically not online before.

We developed an online version of the best tools available, a quick, easy to take survey providing insight into the client’s goals, resources, and behaviors. Financial advisors purchase a subscription to the site that gives them access to the tools. The site has membership capabilities which allow the advisers to connect with and deploy the Personal Wealth Inventory to their clients online.

The Personal Wealth Index Report

A wealth index report is a powerful tool that can give individuals a better picture of their financial strengths and weaknesses. It tells them how they think about money, and how they can set new financial goals. It is designed to help clients work with their financial advisors to achieve their goals.

The membership website, created by Digital Hill is at, and the featured tool is the Personal Wealth Index with information on it at Getting the wealth index report from the website will:

  • Help set the most appropriate financial goals for the client.
  • Give the client and the adviser insight into the client’s money mindset.
  • Teach the client about their financial strengths that can be built on.
  • Help the adviser work with the client to create the next action steps.

What the website does for Financial Advisors

With the Financial Advisor subscription they receive:

  • Access to The Wealth Index website
  • Unlimited access to Wealth Index reports
  • Custom branding on the Wealth Index reports per Advisor
  • Personalized Wealth Index website URL to use with clients
  • Personalized Wealth Index landing page for Advisors to use with clients
  • Wealth Index button for emails and marketing pieces
  • Brandable and printable postcards, brochures, companion guides and pocket folders
  • Wealth Index training videos

Additional printed materials include:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Printed report and companion guides
  • Branded Wealth Index booklet, pocket folder, planning checklist, marketing postcards, and goal sheet

These printed materials can be branded with the Financial Advisors business or employer so that clients receive instantly recognizable branded materials.

What the website does for the Financial Advisor’s clients

Taking the Personal Wealth Index online will create a customized 18-page report for clients. This survey will help clients determine their financial goals, understand their money mindset better, learn their financial strengths and plan their next action steps. It gives Advisors insight to the products and services their clients may need now and in the future. It also gives Advisor a reason to regularly contact their clients when life events happen.

What We Can Do For You

Our work with and demonstrates our ability to create membership and subscription websites. Much of the custom coding concepts we used to give the website its powerful features can be implemented in similar fashion for other web software needs. If you are looking for a powerful website that can connect multiple classes of users with subscription and membership functionality, contact us today!