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How Important Is Social Media Marketing For Pharma Marketers?

In today’s competitive business environment, social media marketing is becoming increasingly important for pharmaceutical companies.  With the rise of digital channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, pharma marketers have an unprecedented opportunity to reach customers directly and influence their decisions.  Social media can be used to build brand awareness and loyalty; sharing information […]

The Advantages of a Live Chat on Your Website

Reach out to your potential and new customers immediately when they have questions about your products with Live Chat. A live chat can improve your leads
Social Media Metrics for the Buyer’s Journey

Social Media Metrics for the Buyer’s Journey

It’s called the “buyer’s journey” and it’s made up of the steps it takes for someone to actually buy a product or service.  The buyer’s journey is made up of five distinct stages: awareness, consideration, decision, adoption, and advocacy. Each stage comes with its corresponding objective, and each should have a unique social media strategy. […]