Trends in Tech Every Small Business Needs to Consider

Businesses Must Not Ignore Changes in Tech Use in 2013 Marketing Plans

In the Internet world, things change quickly.

What worked three years ago is now old and may no longer be relevant in today’s business climate.  Savvy businesses wanting to gain market-share and position themselves well for the future should take time now to look ahead to 2013 and be aware of current trends and patterns that will impact their business moving forward.

Below are three key trends that businesses should evaluate their business on that have gained tremendous momentum in 2012 and are positioned to grow even larger in 2013.

1. Mobile and Tablet use continues to rise dramatically

Consumers and customers are opting for smaller, portable digital devices that can handle the vast majority of their daily online needs.

2. E-Commerce Spending Continues to Grow

More people shop online.  Increasingly, e-commerce adoption for purchases by consumers continues to gain steam.  Is your business e-commerce ready and offering products and services for purchase online?


3. Social Media Use Expands

The fastest growing segment in social media use is not teenagers, but adults ages 45-54. Social Media is where a significant amount of consumers are spending time, so it is a critical place for businesses to be represented.  From Facebook, to Twitter and Pinterest, consumers are using social media daily and significantly.  Reach them where they are!

Together, these three digital tech trends are critical for businesses to be aware of as 2013 nears and marketing plans for the coming months are put in place.  Is your business represented well in each of these areas?

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