Verify Ongoing Laser Level & Pipe Laser Calibration Before Each Use

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True or False: You have your laser level or pipe laser professionally calibrated. You can now be confident that it will remain within calibration tolerances for a certain period of time. Answer: False! If you answered true, and many do, it is essential to the quality of your work to immediately correct this misunderstanding regarding calibration.

Many users of a laser level or a pipe laser operate under the false impression that once it is in calibration, it will remain in calibration. Some believe that a laser level or pipe laser is in calibration if it auto-levels and subsequently rotates. If a high quality laser level or pipe laser was permanently set up in a fixed location without any disturbance whatsoever (i.e., dampened from shock, vibration, thermal variations, protected from wind, dust, etc.) that could be true. However, since a laser level or pipe laser is routinely subjected to tough conditions, nothing could be further from the truth. You could have your laser level or pipe laser professionally calibrated, and the next day it could be out of calibration. Conversely, a quality laser level or pipe laser could remain in calibration for more than a year if cared for properly. It all depends on the conditions the laser level or pipe laser is subjected to during use, handling and transportation. Since the very nature of a laser level or pipe laser involves movement and set-up on a regular basis, they are often subjected to less than ideal conditions. You must check the calibration of the instrument each time you use it. Even if you are the only user, movement and transportation must occur, so there is no way to be sure about its calibration status. If you buy a new or used instrument and it is shipped to you, calibration must be verified before use as well, since handling during shipment is an unknown variable. Over the years, Midwest Construction Equipment has learned that, with proper packaging, laser level and pipe laser instruments usually hold their calibration under normal shipping conditions, but sometimes (apparently due to unusual trauma during shipping) calibration is lost. Guidance to check the calibration of your laser level and pipe laser is provided below.

Laser Level Calibration

Pipe Laser Calibration

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Midwest Construction Equipment ~ Laser Level ~ Pipe Level ~ Calibration