Web Design, User Interface & Visitor Conversion

By Chad H. Pollitt
Internet Marketing Manager
Internet Marketing Expert
Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.

Chad Pollitt

Fort Wayne Web DesignDeveloping a web design, user interface and visitor conversion strategy is critical to the success of any website or internet marketing campaign.  Studies show that a website only has .6 seconds to make a good impression to a visitor.  A professionally designed website by a talented designer or design team that is consistent with the company’s brand will fulfill the .6 second requirement.  The mistake most companies make is to confuse a programmer’s skills with a designer’s and have web design executed by programmers.

People only go to the web for two reasons: to be entertained and/or to solve a problem.  Studies also show that when a visitor lands on a website that website only has four seconds to communicate to the visitor a path that may solve their problem.  This is accomplished by developing a user interface strategy that is consistent with web conventions and best practices while integrating calls to action.

Once a visitor has chosen a path on a website with the hope of solving their problem, it is important to entice the visitor with some type of engagement opportunity on the site.  That engagement opportunity could be filling out a form, downloading a file, creating an account, chatting, using interactive tools, browsing a catalog, etc.  The longer a visitor engages a site, the longer they will be exposed to the sites brand, message and pitch.  If a visitor is engaged they’re more likely to convert.  What’s a conversion?  Since most websites aren’t ecommerce, a conversion is defined by email capture or a phone call.  One captured email address equals one conversion.  Utilizing unique value propositions and moral bribes will maximize lead capture through engagement while making your internet marketing campaign more successful.

The three web design considerations are:  Web design, user interface, visitor conversion.