Why Interacting with your Customers is so Important for Online Businesses

Why interacting with your customers is so important for online businesses

You can have everything going for your business – the perfect product, a great marketing strategy, dedicated and passionate staff. But if you don’t interact with your customers, aren’t you missing something?

Let’s say you have a brand-new product to sell online, never before seen on the market. You’d like somebody who’s buying your wonderful new item to recommend it to their friends, to buy something else from your range. Or, even just to leave you a review. Some will do it naturally, but interacting with your customer is sure to be a huge encouragement for those who might not necessarily leave a review to do so. It’s human nature to respond to interaction, and that doesn’t change when it comes to an online business. Here are four reasons why interacting with your customers is so important and how to better communicate with them.

1. Creating a relationship

Think of the store you go in regularly. You recognize the people working there, and they recognize you. They might even know what you usually order. That relationship is invaluable when it comes to building a bond between business and customer. Replicating this online will go a long way to ensure people keep coming back for more.

Interacting with your customers is so important. The human bond between company and customer is much more straight-forward on the high street, or in an office. Translating this experience online is a worthwhile endeavor and could even encourage those less familiar with the internet to stay with you long term.

2. Making life easy

Great customer interaction, and therefore great customer experience will make life much easier for your business in the long run. Ensuring existing customers feel valued and remain loyal to your brand could turn into a form of free marketing, as they tell friends and family about your company. You can also showcase their feedback like on this Growthsilo reviews page.

It can also provide a simple and quick feedback system, as you are able to ask your customers what it is they like about your service, and where you can improve. This might sound time-consuming, but with innovative, intelligent messaging providing automated SMS Q&As, it couldn’t be easier. You can find out more information on automated digital communications at boomerangmessaging.com.

3. Generating interest

Of course, you are interested in your company, but your customer is too. A survey carried out during the current COVID-19 pandemic showed that 43% of customers found it “reassuring” to hear from brands they know and trust, and 56% were pleased to hear about brands taking actions such as “making donations of goods and services” during the crisis.

If your company is doing something good, tell your customers. Statistics show that they want to hear what you’re up to, and it would be unsurprising to see this result in a growing customer base in turn.

4. Growing your social media reach

Social media is one of the most important tools in any business’s box. Interacting with your customers online will convince more people to follow you and go directly to your page with any queries or requests. With more followers, the more you can promote your brand and drive traffic back to your site.

It’s no wonder that many huge brands such as Netflix and Wendy’s put so much effort into quirky and amusing social media responses when Twitter likes can easily soar into the tens and hundreds of thousands.

From social media to keeping your stakeholders in the loop, communication is vital to a business’s success. Efficient and engaging interaction will welcome customers into your company’s bubble, making them feel valued and more likely to return.