Why It’s Time to Have A Digital Experience Platform

Why It’s Time to Have A Digital Experience Platform

Digitization is happening all around us. No matter what we do in business, there is sure to be some element that must be digitized in some way. This could be to enhance the customer’s experience, or it might be to make work easier for the employees, or even for yourself. It might just be to keep up with the competition.

The problem with digitization comes when there are many different channels to deal with, from a website to social media and online stores. You may also have ads to manage on top of all this. Trying to keep everything in one place and under your control can be hard.

Therefore, many people are turning to digital experience platforms. Using a DXP means that you can make changes across every digital channel you use using just one platform. Here are some reasons why it’s time to upgrade to a DXP.

Personal Touch

A digital experience platform allows users to create personalized marketing content, and this means that not only is there more chance of the right people seeing your ads and promotions, but also that your marketing budget, whatever its size, can be stretched further. The personal touch is managed through data collection and sharing, plus being able to see specific analytics relating to your site and who is visiting.

Not only can you create ads that target the right people, but you can easily personalize communications to customers or possible customers, even if you are sending out a mass email. People expect a good level of service and seeing their name on an email rather than a generic greeting may be a small touch, but it is one that can make all the difference.


One of the most important aspects of a DXP, and one of the reasons why business owners and marketers are so happy to use them is their in-built flexibility. Since new social medial channels and different ways to connect with people are evolving all the time, having a digital experience platform that allows for these updates, upgrades, and changes is crucial. It means you can easily add a new channel to the system so that you can make changes quickly and easily, for example.

Your digital experience platform will be much more efficient if it can have access to every platform you wish to post to. It will save you time if you can post to everything in one go.

The Next Step

Sometimes adopting new technology is less about what it will do for your business per se and more about what it can do for you overall. So even if you don’t use many (or any) social media channels, and even if your website is a basic one that offers a little information, a DXP can help you. It can help because if your competition has one and uses one and you don’t, you could be seen to be left behind.

When you notice that you are falling behind others in your sector, and you want to boost your business, having the digital experience platform in place already will make things much easier for you.