3 Unique Digital PR Examples You Need to See

3 Unique Digital PR Examples You Need to See

The power of digital public relations is something that cannot be underestimated. Digital PR campaigns give companies the ability to define their brand to current and potential customers and reach out to people in unique and efficient ways. They are also able to help guide the conversation surrounding their brand to a positive place, thus strengthening their brand in the eyes of their customers.

That being said, not all digital PR campaigns are a sure thing. Some companies don’t hit the mark with the message that they are looking to put out there about their brand. There is a lot of work that goes into a successful digital PR campaign, and a great deal of research involved in the process of getting it right.

It can be helpful to look into PR campaigns that other companies have done to find inspiration. If you are looking to put together a digital PR campaign for your own company, here are three unique examples that can help get your creativity going.

1. Cash Lady’s 2030 Property Value Calculator

The payday loan lender CashLady opted for a digital PR campaign that gave something back to those who viewed it in the form of knowledge. The campaign itself stayed relevant to the company. It dealt with money and personal finances, and the ability to calculate what one’s property might be worth by the year 2030 is certainly relevant to a great many people who are paying close attention to the housing market in the UK.

If you are looking to create your own digital PR campaign, try to find a hook that has a wide appeal to various people, as CashLady did with property value. Like how this PR campaign stayed true to the company’s niche, i.e., personal finances, you should also look to draw in engagements and build your presence by sticking to your niche. 

2. Wise Words from Comic Relief

As an organization, Comic Relief has certainly produced its fair share of creative and unique content to achieve its goals. With its Wise Words PR campaign in 2019, Comic Relief was able to bring in over £63 million by using a simple message that was targeted directly at those living within the United Kingdom: unity.

The message of the campaign wasn’t a complex one, but it appealed to a great many citizens on a personal level. With a mainstream media and political system that generally seeks to point out the disunity among those within the UK, Comic Relief’s message struck a different tone. 

3. Guinness Clear

One of the most successful digital PR campaigns of 2019 was truly unique in that the brand itself was not trying to push its own product directly. Guinness’s “Guinness Clear” campaign was instead geared towards encouraging drinkers of Guinness to hydrate with a responsible amount of water, branded “Guinness Clear.” The takeaway from this campaign is that sometimes the most successful campaigns are about showing that you care about your customer’s wellbeing.

These unique campaigns can offer ideas and inspiration on potential digital marketing campaign ideas that your business can pull from to create a unique idea for your campaign.