4 Tips for a Better Digital Marketing Strategy

4 Tips for a Better Digital Marketing Strategy

In the big picture, creating a good, strong digital marketing strategy is just the same as any other marketing endeavor: learn the rules, work hard, and spread the word.

Of course, there are plenty of specific tools and tips that can be used on the digital front, from keyword research to Google Analytics.

It can be overwhelming to someone who wants to follow current best practices and get their products or services seen by a larger audience.

The principles are the same, but the process can be complex, especially if people get too deep into complex analytics or search optimization.

You’ll learn all of these techniques eventually, but first get started with some of the basics.

Set goals

They should be realistic, specific but also optimistic.

Goals can differ from a general mission statement of “keep growing the business well” and instead have specific benchmarks, such as hitting a certain figure for audience growth each quarter, or achieve a certain amount of revenue by a certain timeframe.

SmartInsights calls this creating a ‘digital roadmap’ for the company’s future destination, even if leaders can choose different paths or markers along the route.

Though there are going to be ups and downs, and the team may have to make adjustments now and then, having a clear goal in sight will keep everyone focused and motivated.

Think mobile

Not too long ago, everyone accessed the Internet via desktops or laptops; so resolution and display were never issues.

Now the average user browses the internet on their smartphones or tablets. It’s definitely more convenient and also allows them to tune in anywhere.

A site should really be accessible and optimized for viewing on desktops and the main mobile formats, such as Android and Apple iOS.

A Pew study in spring 2015 shows that 64 percent of Americans now own smartphones of some kind, an increase from 35 percent in 2011.

It’s even higher among younger population, although some who were surveyed also had other computing devices.

Think social networking

Even if some people personally choose not to use social networks, plenty of potential customers or clients are using them. Facebook has 1.49 billion users.

Facebook does make it a challenge for businesses to reach customers organically (without spending money on ads or views).

It has created easy ways to put inexpensive ads together, and also reach core customers better by targeting ages, locations or gender.

Push for interaction everywhere possible

Push for interaction everywhere possible. Include ‘share’ buttons on every page and post. Add a newsletter subscription form to build an email list and make it easy for people to sign up.

Make sure this newsletter also includes an invitation to forward/share. Look for peers with the same customer demographics and ask to post occasionally on their blog. This expands the company’s reach.

If you use these 4 tips for digital marketing your marketing will improve. Do you have any best practices that you use for your digital marketing? Please share, we’re eager to hear about your successes.