5 Reasons Why Remarketing Ads Will Build Your Business

5 Reasons Why Remarketing Ads Will Build Your Business -315

While drawing users to your website is an important step in lead conversion, potential consumers often site visitors can become distracted for many reasons. They simply tend to get distracted by mundane events such as phone calls, Facebook notifications, restroom breaks, or emails. This can cause them to leave your website without contacting you or making a purchase.

A solid, proven method of bringing these runaway visitors back to your website is called remarketing. This technique uses ads that are directed to just those that visited your site previously, to remind users of the time they spent on your website browsing your catalog, or the products they added to their cart before leaving. These ads can be delivered on Google, other websites, or on Facebook.

Here are 5 invaluable reasons to add a remarketing ad strategy to your advertising campaign.

1. You’ll Convert More Leads Into Actual Purchases

People who’ve already visited your website, looked at your items for sale, or who even went as far as adding one or more of your products to their shopping cart are going to be the easiest leads to convert. They are familiar with you.

A lot of effort and resources go toward attracting people to your website. A small percentage of these users will buy your products, sign up for your trials, samples or newsletters the very first time they visit. Remarketing serves the purpose of reminding potential consumers of the time they spent browsing your goods. It’s a second point of contact. If bringing users to your website is half the battle, remarketing is the other half.

2. People Will Remember Your Brand

Driving a great deal of traffic to your website is important, but it isn’t the end-all be-all of marketing. People who see your remarketing ads on Facebook or Google searches will likely remember your brand over time. It’s a way of staying top-of-mind.

Even if they don’t end up spending money after seeing your ads, there’s a good chance they’ll recall your company name. If your brand is the first thing that comes to mind when they’re spending money on products or services in your field, there’s an increased chance you’ll get the sale.

3. Remarketing Can Be Applied in Many Different Ways

There’s no single, one-size-fits-all approach to remarketing. Plenty of remarketing opportunities exist. Using multiple techniques is not only possible but highly recommended.

Facebook is one of the largest platforms for digital marketing on the entire planet. The Facebook ad system is phenomenal for initial marketing and remarketing campaigns, alike. Having your ads show up while past visitors watch YouTube videos or browse Google search results is an excellent way to increase brand recognition.

4. You Can Cut Costs, but Not Effectiveness

Flooding the entire Google Network with display ads intending to reach as many people as possible is costly and inefficient.

With remarketing, you’re only targeting those who’ve visited your web page in the first place, your spend on these ads can be lower and more cost effective. Since people that have already visited your website are much more likely to make a purchase, your sales have greater chances of increasing. Essentially, these ads would be paying for themselves.

5. Substantially Increase Your Marketing ROI

A lot of time, effort and money go into a marketing campaign. Only a very low percentage of first time visitors end up making purchases. After you’ve already invested so much in the process, it can be discouraging to find that your website conversion rate is low. So add remarketing ads to the mix of advanced ad opportunities that can help you close more sales online!

If you’re interested in increasing brand recognition and ultimately converting those elusive, first-time visitors into leads, and ultimately sales, contact us. We’re a team of seasoned, dedicated digital marketing professionals with real solutions to increase your bottom line.