7 Social Media Hacks for Making Effective Posts

7 Social Media Hacks for Making Effective Posts

Any business is going to want to utilize social media to its full potential, but creating a profile and being present on social media is only the beginning. In order to thoroughly drive success, you need to make sure that each and every piece of content is tailored to reach a particular goal and make a substantial impression.

The world of social media can be relatively new to a lot of businesses if you’re not social media-savvy, but the important thing to bear in mind is equipping your business with those people who are or learning the necessary skills yourself as quickly as possible.

Why are Effective Social Media Posts So Important?

Social media has swiftly become a key part of the online world and of many people’s lives. It’s the fundamental location for business marketing and reaching out to relevant consumers. Creating effective social media posts means that you can better market your business, sell your product, get the attention of the right people, form valuable connections and improve your online business presence.

Making effective social media posts is vital because it determines how your business will be seen. Not all posts are equal, after all. So if you’re failing to create posts that grab attention or which provide informative content, you’re missing out on a key opportunity.

7 Social Media Hacks for Making Effective Posts

So how exactly can you make sure your social media posts are always effective? The following seven hacks can help you.

1. Set a Goal for Every Post

For every piece of content and post, you need to know what you intend it to do. Is it to persuade? Advertise? Inform? Or is it simply engaging general content? Some social media posts may not even be related to your product or business and simply a relevant news topic, such as relating to the environment or location-based news.

Knowing your goal before you begin planning and drafting a post will help it to be relevant and effective for what you need it to do, such as persuasive language or an eye-catching image, and whether you need to include any links to relevant website pages.

2. Always Consider Your Platform

The main social media platforms that you’ll want to look into for your business are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Snapchat. However, posting the same content across every platform every time you make a post is not the most effective way to create engaging content.

Whenever you’re designing a post, you need to tailor it to the intended platform, as each has a certain style and potential demographic. If you have a specific demographic for your target market, you’ll always want to make sure that you post to the platform that they are most commonly using.

For example, large blocks of text accompanied with images is more suited to Facebook than it is to Instagram or Twitter. Instagram is more image-focused, while Twitter depends more on concise statements.

3. Stick to Your Brand Tone

The most effective social media posts will have personality. Social media is a varied place, after all, and the more you can stand out with your business personality, the better.

Stay aware of your brand tone and voice whenever you’re making a post. If your company is renowned for being humorous and informal, then you need to show that with your social media posts. Even if it’s a simple tagline, be sure to implement your business personality into it.

The same goes for your social media profiles, too. For your profile bios and information, always use your established brand voice and identity.

4. Publish Your Posts at the Right Time 

Consumer research is vital for this, so you’ll need to plan out a strategy to find out when your target market is most active on the relevant social media platforms. You ideally want to publish your posts at the time when your consumers are actively scrolling through social media.

Choosing random times of the day to publish your content may risk it being missed by the right people. Especially if you have a target market around the world, as you then need to factor in different time zones. Consider setting up a scheduling tool to automatically publish posts at set times. This is crucial if your target market is awake when your business isn’t.

5. Make it a Team Collaboration

Having a full team working on every social media post helps to encourage better content creation, error-checking, and alternative viewpoints. If possible, make content creation and social media posts into a team effort so that ideas can be shared and more varying posts can be created. To make team collaboration even easier for content creation and proofing, you might want to consider a software tool like Ziflow.

6. Try to Avoid Hard Selling 

While the purpose of any marketing is to promote and sell your product, there’s no place for cold hard selling on social media, as it runs the risk of consumers simply scrolling on or failing to consider your post.

You can market your product and business simply by creating engaging posts, even if they’re completely unrelated to your business. If you’re doing enough to draw the attention of social media users and they like and enjoy your posts, you’re developing positive relationships. Therefore, you are gaining a greater number of followers. They are likely to then check out what your business has on offer. If you engage with them enough, they’ll remember you when they are ready to purchase your products.

7. Make it an Interactive Experience 

The best type of social media posts invites users to get involved. This can help to form a better connection and create more living, breathing content. To create more interactive posts, think about asking questions that users can respond to in the comments, inviting users to perform a particular action, or even host giveaways.

Not only that, but it’s a good idea to either like, tag, or reply to those users who interact, too. This gets a conversation going or can simply show that you’re listening and responding.

Try these seven hacks to make sure your social media posts are achieving more.