The Art of the Lead Capture

The Art of the Lead Capture

NEW FEATURE:  I’ve begun hosting a weekly live online marketing session that is about 30 minutes long on  My co-host is Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group in Lima, OH.  Each week we dive into various digital marketing topics and give our take on it.

In this session, Jessica Phillips and I talk about  Lead Capture.

The number 1 issue I see with websites is that they don’t have a lead capture system!

A lead capture system moves an unknown website visitor to a visitor you know, usually because the visitor shares their email address with you.

The visitor has “raised their hand” and asked you to market to them.

The traditional way most businesses keep in touch after receiving the email address is through newsletters and eblasts.

Visitor’s read your blog posts, like and find value in what you write, trust your expertise and then signs up for your newsletter list. But, to increase your email list and entice your unknown visitor to give you their email address you need to give away something that the unknown visitor perceives as valuable … a free ebook, a template download, a free checklist, etc.

The basic lead capture system consists of 3 parts:

  1. Build a buyer persona – You want to know who to write to when you’re creating your ebook and the landing page.
  1. A value offer – a free ebook, a coupon or discount, a free educational webinar, a template download or something relating to your business or expertise, is evergreen and can be delivered digitally.
  1. The hand raise – Get them to fill out the form. Send a thank you page that gives them even more value with links to blog posts you’d think they’d be interested in. Add social media connect buttons to your thank you page.

Make sure your landing page is clear and concise. Add an image or video to make your message even clearer with images.

Here’s the full blab with Jessica and me. Enjoy!

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