Browser Push Notifications: What Are They and How Can They Help Your Business Website?


With digital marketing advancing, small and upcoming businesses find it harder to get their target audience’s attention. Formerly effective communication channels and strategies are increasingly performing with fewer results in some cases. These include strategies such as display ads and even emails. The ever-changing online marketing landscape is forcing digital business owners to find marketing channels with higher visibility.

Currently, many mobile users are familiar with push notifications. And now you can also use them in a new way within web browsers. Which is exactly why businesses should work on browser push notifications. Web push notifications are ten times more effective than SMS and email in getting views and clicks as they capture the user’s attention immediately.

What are Browser Push Notifications?

Browser push notifications are quick, actionable, bite-sized messages. You can send them users who agree to receive notifications from your website. The notifications are highly contextual, personalized, and timely to engage, re-engage, and retain your business website visitors. Just like mobile app notifications, web push notifications are strictly permission-based. Since the browser users manage subscriptions, there is little or no tolerance for possible spam messages.

These notifications can be sent to the user’s desktop or mobile phone through their browsers. Their biggest win is the ability to deliver the message even when the user is not browsing your website. The target customer can click or discard the notification depending on its relevance. No need for any form of contact details of the users. Therefore push notifications make it easy for businesses to reach and grab the attention of potential clients.

Benefits of Browser Push Notifications to Business Websites

Web push notifications can be used by any online website looking for an easy way of engaging with users. Many vendors offer push notification services, so you only need minimal infrastructure.  Some of the benefits of opting for this online marketing strategy include:

1. Instant communication to website visitors

Browser push notifications reach your potential customers, whether they are on your website or not. The notifications reach browser users if they have opted in to receive notifications from your site and presence online. The notifications appear on their desktop or mobile devices without having to open their mailbox.

2. Timely delivery

In the current competitive online marketing space, both businesses and customers don’t have time to spare. Browser push notifications appear as short messages that reach users quickly. They have a character limit, ensuring that each message is clear, brief, and straight to the point. Unlike emails that require a lot of reading, formatting, and editing before sending, push notifications are simple to construct and deliver only the intended message.
Browser push notifications are the best option for sending high-priority, relevant, and time-sensitive information. Due to real-time delivery. Thus target customers receive it immediately if they are online.

3. No contact details

The ability to communicate without contact details is likely the best feature of browser push notifications. Push notifications are a browser-based technology allowing communication with their audience. Hence not requiring website owners to collect email addresses or other contact details. This provides the best chance to develop an ongoing form of communication with anonymous visitors who don’t like sharing their email addresses.

4. High conversion rates

Browser push notifications produce comparably better conversion rates compared to other forms of online marketing. A user has to opt in to subscribe to your website notifications. Therefore showing that they have some interest in your products and services. They often provide better click-through conversion rates than other mediums.

The selection of available browser push notifications increases day by day. As such, website owners should understand the various concepts and implementation strategies to generate traffic for their websites. They are an excellent communication tool for websites interested in providing time-sensitive content to engaging and behavior-based customers.