Build Trust with Email

Build Trust with Email - 315
If your website is the digital equivalent of a billboard, then your email campaigns are the equivalent of an attentive sales representative.

Websites are designed to make an impact. They need to be strategically designed and easy to navigate. But their ultimate goal is to inspire visitors to pursue further contact with the business. If the contact is done digitally, email marketing can start, and the process of nurturing leads begins.

Building Trust

If you thought email marketing was simply a means to blast hard sell advertising out to a captive audience, it’s time for a rethink.  You cannot push sales all the time, the same as you cannot go door to door and continually peddle your same product to the same people!

Avoid being overly salesy. Successful email marketing is about not being sales oriented at all.  It’s about trust.

Instead, successful email marketers craft emails to educate, answer questions, provide solutions and even to selflessly reference industry studies and best practice information by (yes!) other organizations.

Rather than annoying your prospects into unsubscribing from your list, great email campaigns establish your reputation as a reliable resource. By providing value over time, you build trust. Then when your prospect is in the market for whatever you sell, you’re their obvious first choice because they have seen you over time.

Automated Frequency

There’s an old rule in the sales game that says that in order to make a purchasing decision, customers need 7 “touches” or 7 points of contact with your sales team.

That used to mean large teams of sales pros managing small individual customer portfolios. But thanks to digital marketing, things have changed.

Automated tools like autoresponder sequences mean that you can create, set and forget a standardized email campaign for new email list subscribers. The autoresponder will take them through the majority of the sales nurturing process. Thus only requires hands-on intervention from your sales team when your customer contacts you to purchase.

One autoresponder, working tirelessly, night and day, to send your message out to every prospect, and reducing the rule of 7 to 1 or 2 human interactions. No wonder the ROI on email marketing is so high!

Test, Perfect, Repeat

The beauty of email marketing is that there are endless possibilities to collect data, conduct A/B testing, and refine your process.

Gather data from every campaign. Then you can analyze what works and what isn’t successful, and tailor your future campaigns to focus on the former.

Bring Them Back to the Fold

Most people see email marketing as a method to connect and build relationships with new customers. However,  it can also be a powerful method to bring existing customers back.

Email is the perfect way to touch base. Try a reminder to complete a digital shopping trip. Send a personalized event invitation for a brick and mortar store.

If you’re not already using email marketing to reach your customers, then it’s time to start!! Contact us to discuss getting started, or an audit to improve what you do!