Free Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website


Since the first online retail transaction in 1994, businesses have leveraged e-commerce for their growth. The number of business websites increases every day, as website traffic continues to be critical to business growth. Businesses use website traffic to gather insights about their customers, generate leads, and boost sales. Website traffic is also used to gauge the success of marketing efforts and to enhance search engine credibility.

Using paid ads to get traffic is always an option. However free traffic is instrumental in increasing engagement and conversions. By using the right channels you can drive free and quality traffic to your website.

5 Free Ways Generate Traffic to Your Website

1. Facebook Groups

Participating in Facebook groups in a relevant niche can increase the visibility of your brand. Use the group’s promo days to promote your content on the platform. You can grow your email list, traffic, and brand by creating your own Facebook group. Commenting on your audience’s posts, promoting upcoming training or webinars and using Facebook live in that community can bring awareness of your products and brand, and will then generate free traffic.

2. YouTube

Posting on the over 2 billion users video-sharing platform can grow your free website platform. Include a call-to-action in an informative video to lead people to manually keying in your website URL and therefore increasing your traffic. Use your URL in the video description box to direct viewers to your site after interacting with your video content.

Create compelling and shareable content to post on YouTube, to drive traffic to your website.

3. Podcasts and Virtual Summits

Informative, educative, and entertaining podcasts can drive free traffic to your site. Submitting your podcasts to podcast directories make it easy for people to find you. Post a podcast press release to inform people about your new show and to drive traffic.

Participating in podcasts that interview people is an opportunity for you to share your website’s URL. This way, you can convert listeners of the podcasts to become your visitors.

Virtual summits are useful in generating free traffic. Summits with expert speakers have the power to attract attendees, from where you can source free traffic. Attendees are allowed to access content from the talks any time after the session is over, so you will see the results even after the summit.

Working with influencers can also help you let the word out about the events. In live virtual summits, the guests can ask questions and participate, boosting engagement.

4. Free Udemy Courses and Guest Blogging

Udemy courses can allow you to reach different audiences online. Creating educational content across different subjects and giving it free to Udemy exposes your brand to millions of users visiting the platform. Hosting the courses on your websites, and having downloadable and workbooks on your web pages can drive free traffic to your brand’s website.

Writing blogs for authority websites in your niche can help you drive free traffic to your site. When you contribute and post on the businesses’ blog, you can link back to your website by providing a link at the end of your article. Provided your content is helpful, you can drive the guest website’s traffic to your pages.

5. Pinterest

With visual content, you can create a surge in your website’s free traffic through Pinterest. Unlike most social media platforms, Pinterest has a high longevity, which makes your content and pins visible long enough to get views and shares. To get free traffic from Pinterest, pin creative and attractive images from your blog posts or web pages, and use the URL of that blog post as the pin’s link.

To conclude

Driving free traffic to your website takes hard work, consistency, and dedication. With the right channels, you can get quality visitors to your website, convert them into customers, and boost your sales, all for free.