Growing your Online Marketing Effectiveness with Tools

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The goal always is to grow your online presence and for it to become a driving force in generating more sales for your business.  With that being noted, key foundations include the following:

Keys for Growing your Online Marketing Start With:

  1. Having a website that is smooth, informative, and easy to navigate for web, mobile, and tablet users.
  2. A resource center or blog on your site that is a ever-growing area of quality content that resources, answers questions, and helps your visitors discover you and trust you for answers.
  3. A method to move site visitors from simply being a visitor to a “known lead” where they are inspired to sign-up and you gain the name and email address of the visitor.

Once these foundations for quality content, great user experience, and lead capture items are in place, the next phase is to ensure you are getting in front of your ideal audience.  An important consideration in doing this is to  ” amplify” your content by using online marketing tools.  The infographic below outlines 9 different tools that can be used to help you reach more of the right audience that would be interested in your products or services.

Why “amplify” with online marketing tools like these?

  1. You can reach more people who can have interest in your company (social media, content marketing)
  2. You can get in front of the exact audience you want (Facebook Ads)
  3. You can reach people who are searching for what you offer (Google Adwords)
  4. You can reach people that stopped by but didn’t follow-up/buy (Retargeting & Remarketing)
  5. You can help trigger an action with a bit of an incentive (Deals/Coupons/Free Offers/Contests)

The best site in the world often will still need marketing methods to help drive discovery of it!  We have a free eBook with details that expands on the brief outline in this infographic:


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