How to do Facebook Ads for your Open Job Positions


In one of his most popular blog posts, Larry Kim of WordStream discusses how he helped the company recruit the recent winner of the WordStream Core Values Achievement Award – Justin Weyant – using nothing other than Facebook ads. You too can apply the same approach to recruit talent using your Facebook Page. In this post, we show you how to use Facebook ads for your open job positions.

Begin at Create Ads

Log into your Facebook account on your computer and click the little dark blue arrow in the upper right-hand corner. In the dropdown menu, select “Create Ads.”  Then, go to Campaigns Manager and select Send People to Your Website. This is the best approach when creating Facebook Ads. You could also go to the “Boost Post” route as Larry did. The best, however, is the Send People to Your Website as the most straightforward option.

Provide a link to your Careers page

While this step is optional, we strongly recommend that you implement it as a link to your specific Careers page which will tell you the number of people visiting that page from Facebook. Your marketing team can even set up a tracking pixel to keep count of the number of Facebook users who go through the application process.

Target your Facebook ad

This is where Facebook advertisers earn their keep. If you can get your targeting right, you’re guaranteed the right leads (in this case, candidates). We recommend focusing on six filters;

  • Location

    The majority of jobs target candidates in specific locations. If looking for candidates from the local neighborhood, choose “People who live in this location.” Otherwise, specify a location.  You can also choose a city and select a mile/km radius around that city.

  • Age and gender

    If you prefer a particular age and gender, again, use the filters to narrow the ad targeting down to those who fit your criteria.

  • Connections

    Sometimes it helps to employ candidates who are already friends of people working at your organization. Facebook ads allow you to show your ads to existing connections only. This one is less common and can be skipped if needed.

  • Education, work, and interests

    These three filters are important and are available under Detailed Targeting, with education listed under demographics. Utilize them to further narrow down your search to find candidates that perfectly fit your needs. You can identify users by their education level, by job titles they may now have, and by specific interests that relate to the type of candidate you are searching for.

Set start/end dates and a budget

It’s vital to set start and end dates. Otherwise, Facebook will continue billing you even after you’ve filled the position. Setting a start and end date should also identify the exact amount you will spend on the campaign. Generally, you do not want to run the ad for longer than one month or it loses traction.

As for budget, base the amount on the “Estimated Daily Reach” figure in the right-hand corner. The figure approximates the number of people likely to see your ads. If you want a higher reach, be ready to pay more.

Now, Create the Ad!

As with any Facebook Ad, you need to let your creativity shine through. At the same time though, keep in mind that you’re addressing professionals. So, you want to be very professional too. Here are a few tips that have proven to work;

  • Choose a great image

    A single image of existing staff going about their job would be perfect. They should be smiling.

  • Consider a video

    Here too, make it about an employee or employees going about their daily routines.

  • Short, sweet sentences work best

    Use plenty of adjectives to give candidates a taste of life at your company.

  • Provide a CTA

    A simple, professional CTA such as “Apply Now” would be an excellent choice. “Learn More” is another great option.

Submit your Facebook ad

Go through the entire ad again to catch any mistakes and once you’re satisfied, click the green button to the right to submit it for publishing.

That’s It!

You’ve successfully created Facebook Ads for your open job positions. If you did a good job, clicks and applications should start coming in soon.

Need help with your ads or want to simply have ads done for you by experts?  Let our Digital Hill team assist! Contact us today.